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Сослагательное наклонение (The Subjunctive Mood)

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1. Раскрывая скобки, напишите каждое предложение три раза, образуя условные предложения I, II и III типов:

1. If my friend (to come) to see me, I (to be) very glad. 2. If mother (to buy) a cake, we (to have) a very nice tea party. 3. If we (to receive) a telegram from him, we (not to worry). 4. If you (not to work) systematically, you (to tall) at the examination. 5. If you (to be) busy, I (to leave) you alone. 6. If I (to live) in Moscow, I (to visit) the Tretyakov Gallery every year. 7. If I (to get) a ticket, I (to go) to the Philharmonic. 8. If I (to live) near a wood, I (to gather) a lot of mushrooms. 9. If my father (to return) early, we (to watch) TV together. 10. If she (to know) English, she (to try) to enter the university.

2. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в требующейся форме:

1. If he were not such an outstanding actor, he (not to have) so many admirers. 2. If you (to give) me your address, I shall write you a letter. 3. If she (not to be) so absent-minded, she would be a much better student. 4. If my sister does not to go to the south, we (to spend) the summer in St. Petersburg together. 5. If they (not to go) to Moscow last year, they would not have heard that famous musician. 6. If you (not to get) tickets for the Philharmonic, we shall stay at home. 7. If you were not so careless about your health, you (to consult) the doctor. 8. I should be delighted if I (to have) such a beautiful for coat. 9. If it (to rain), we shall have to stay at home. 10. If he (to work) hard, he would have achieved great progress. 11. If it is not too cold, I (not to put) on my coat. 12. I (to write) the composition long ago if you had not disturbed me.


3. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в требующейся форме:

1. If you (not to buy) coffee, we shall drink tea. 2. If he is free tomorrow, he certainly (to come) to our party. 3. My brother would not have missed so many lessons if he (not to hurt) his leg. 4. If my friend (to work) in my office, we should meet every day. 5. If you spoke English every day, you (to improve) your language skills. 6. If you get a “five”, your mother (to be) happy. 7. If she (to return) earlier, she would have been able to see him before he left. 8. If these shoes were not too big for me, I (to buy) them. 9. If you (to ring) me up, I shall tell you a secret. 10. If you (to be) a poet, you would write beautiful poetry. 11. If he did not read so much, he (not to know) English literature so well.

4. Переведите, употребляя глаголы в требующейся форме:

1. Если бы он не был так близорук, он бы узнал меня вчера в театре. 2. Вы бы много знали, если бы регулярно читали этот журнал. 3. Если бы они были богаты, они бы давно купили бы машину. 4. Если бы я знал французский, то давно бы с ней поговорил. 5. Если завтра вы придете в школу, то увидите моего нового друга. 6. Если бы он был умнее, то не пошел бы вчера в лес. 6. Если бы она не читала так много, она бы не была такой умной. 7. Если мой друг будет завтра дома, он скажет, что делать. 8. Если он не сдаст экзамен, то не получит стипендию. 9. Если бы она мне не помогла, я был бы в затруднительной ситуации. 10. Мой папа имел бы больше свободного времени, если бы не читал журналы. 11. Если бы вы мне дали знать, я пошел бы туда немедленно. 12. Если бы он пришел к нам вчера, он встретил бы много моих друзей.

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