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Crowd-sourcing. Crowd-sourcing starts at the second half-year

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  1. Crowd-sourcing

Crowd-sourcing starts at the second half-year. Targets: increasing recognition of the brand, creating interest & involving customers, getting insights & studying the market

Target 1: Involvement of a big number of participants for the 1 stage; KPI: over 400 participants

Target 2: Effective word-of-mouth «vote for me» marketing KPI: over 30.000 votes

Target 3: Increase in the number of unique visitors of the web-page comparing to the period before the competition and after the competition KPI: increase of the number of unique viewers by 200%

Target 4: Popular context ad in VK.ru KPI: more than 50.000.000 clicks during all the crowd-sourcing campaign

Costs Comments Amount ($)
Context ad in VK.ru Promoting contest $1 970
Tickets & travel expenses (5) Prizes to participant $12 000
Movie-nights tickets & Schokoladnitsa dinner for two for 1600 r. coupon (10) Prizes to participants $ 920  
Gift Box Wyssotzky (big) (15) Prizes to participants $ 390
Gift Box Wyssotzky (medium) & Shokoladnica coupon for 750 r.(35) Prizes to participants $1 460

1.5 Outdoor Advertising & Guerilla Marketing

Target 1: Rising brand Awareness

Target 2: Consumer involvement. KPI: Consumers directly involved in our marketing activities - 30 000

Costs Comments Amount ($)
Event Marketing
Afisha “Picnic” A stand at the event and crowd-sourcing promotion
Outdoor advertising
Billboards near underground escalators (2 campaigns with double boards at 8 stations) Winter and Summer promoting Wissotzky in Shocoladnica 102 720$
Stickers in carriages (Moscow Underground) Promoting Wissotzky crowd-sourcing competition 23 706$
Outdoor Billboards (2 campaigns for 15 billboards for 10 days) Winter and Summer Promoting Wissotzky in Shocoladnica 39 000$
Guerilla Marketing
Alice in Wonderland Promoaction   87 188$
Advertising on escalators and Wissozky Adventure Lottery   54 375$
TOTAL COSTS 311 889$

B2B Gifting

Target 1: Generating effective revenues Volume. KPI: Revenues over 110 thousand dollars; as average 7-8 clients per month

Target 2: Increasing Brand Awareness. KPI: At least 3 new clients after each exhibition

Target 3: Effective Direct sales. KPI: Sales manager actively performs telemarketing and goes with presentation to potential clients

Sales predicted: 113 244 $

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