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Desired Field of Study)

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□ 인문사회계열 (Humanities and Social Sciences)

□ 자연공학계열 (Natural Sciences and Technology)

□ 예체능계열 (Arts and Physical Education)

5. 한국어연수 면제자 (TOPIK 5급 6급 취득자) 진학 확인

(Only for TOPIK Level 5 and Level 6 holders)

*TOPIK Level 5 and 6 holders must start their studying from Sep 1, 2015)

□ Sep 1, 2015

인적사항 (Personal Data)

Please read the form carefully. All applicants must complete all sections only by typing.

성명 (Full Name) 이름(Given name) :   성(Family name) : □ Male   □ Female   □ Single   □ Married   (Photo 3*4)
* Name should be spelled the same as in the passport and in English.
생년월일 (Date of Birth) 년(yyyy) 월(mm) 일(dd) 나이(Age: )
국가 (Country)   국적 (Citizenship)  
여권 (Passport) (Number)
(Date of Issue) (Date of expiry)
연락처 (Contact Information) *only applicant’s own Address:
Tel. ( ) E-mail:
최종학력 (Information concerning applicant’s most recent education) 최종졸업(예정)학교 (Name of previously attended Univ.)   해당국가/도시 (Country/City)  
학위 (Academic Degree recently awarded)   □ Bachelor □ Master 전공 (Academic Major)  
최종학위논문제목 (Title of graduation dissertation, if available)  
어학능력 (Language Proficiency) 영어성적 (English Proficiency) TOEFL IELTS Score : Korean Language Proficiency (only TOPIK) Level: □1 □2 □3 □4 □5 □6 Score:
Published papers, if available(one or two)  
Awards, if available (one or two)  
지원신청대학 (Applying University) 대학명 (Name of Univ.) 학부명 (Faculty) 학과명 (Department) 전공 (Academic Major)
University 1        
University 2        
University 3        
학력 (Academic Career) 기간 (Period) 학 교 명 (Name of Univ.) 해당국가 (Country) 전공분야 (Academic Major) 취득학위 (Diploma or Degree)
성적 (Transcripts) *이수 학기만 기재 (only terms attended) School Year 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year 평균 평점 (GPA) 환산점수 (converted score) /100
Bachel-or / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /    
Master / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /    
직업 혹은 연구경력 (Occupation or Research Career) 기 간 (Period) 기 관 명 (Institution or company) 직 책 (Position) 담당업무 (Operation or Duty)
과거 한국에서의 거주 또는 체류 사실 (Previous Visits to Korea) 기 간 (Period) 목적 (Purpose of Stay)   지역 (City or Region) 거주 또는 체류관련기관 (Organization Concerned)
장학금 수혜 (Previous Scholarship Awards Received from Korean institutions) 지원기관명 (Sponsor) 지원금액(Amount) (US$/year) 수혜기간 (Period)
  ( / )
  ( / )
  년(yyyy) 월(mm) 일(dd)     Applicant's Name : (signature)  

* GPA(Grade Point Average) must be converted on a maximum scale of 100 points (converted points) * See Attachment #7

* Fill out both the records of Bachelor’s & Master’s in the case of those applying for Doctoral programs

Attachment #1

☞ 국내위탁대학(연구과정 포함) 추천 지원자용

(Only for Applicants (including research scholars) who apply for this program via a Designated University)

Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) Application Form for Graduate Study

*Please tick (√ ) a box that applies to you.


Institute of Recommendation)

□ 국내대학 (Korean University)

Type of Recommendation)

□ 일반추천(General)

Degree Course of Application)

□ 석사과정 (Master’s) □ 박사과정 (Doctoral) □ 연구과정 (Research)

Дата добавления: 2015-09-13; просмотров: 7; Нарушение авторских прав

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