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To wear

Пока этот глагол употребляется в значении "носить (об одежде, украшениях и т. д.)", он не вызывает слишком больших затруднений. "Носить" в русском языке не требует предлогов, поэтому и в английском языке тоже не появляется искушения поставить там что-нибудь лишнее:

I always wear jeans.

Не never wears a tie.

Теперь посмотрим, что произойдет, когда мы поставим этот глагол в PrCont:

I am wearing jeans.

To есть: "в данный момент я нахожусь в процессе ношения джинсов", другими словами, "на мне надеты джинсы", другими словами, "я одет в джинсы". Вот тут-то и начи-

1. I'll Be Back byThe Beatles.
2. When I Get Home byThe Beatles.

наются проблемы. В зависимости от того, из какого именно русского предложения мысленно исходит студент X, у него появляются следующие варианты:

Jeans are wearing on me
(якобы,"на мне надеты джинсы")


I am wearing in jeans
(якобы,"я одет в джинсы").

Запомните, пожалуйста, что с глаголом to wear никогда не нужно изощряться: в каком бы значении вы его ни употребляли, он всегда останется глаголом, после которого не нужно ставить никаких предлогов:

If you wear red tonight
remember what I said tonight
for red is the color my baby wore.1

Two of us wearing raincoats2
Standing solo in the sun.3

And the banker never wears a mac
In the pouring rain - very strange.4

1. Yes It Is byThe Beatles.
2. Вы поняли, что это не PrCont? Иначе было бы "Two of us are wearing raincoats." Это предложение с причастным оборотом, которого вы пока не знаете. Не обращайте на него внимания, запомните только, что после wearing сразу идут raincoats, без предлогов.
3. Two of Us byThe Beatles.
4. Penny Lane byThe Beatles.


Постарайтесь найти ошибки и исправить их. Правильные ответы находятся на стр. 262.

1. "Help to me!" she screamed. "I need in your help! Help to me to go away from here. to go to home! Help me!"

2. "Look on yourself," he snapped. "You look like as a drunken hooker. If you go in the restaurant with this makeup on, everybody will laugh upon you. And what's more, they'll laugh at me, too."

3. I already said you. I am not going to wait you any longer. If you want to stay home, I'll go to there without you.

4. "She is wearing in a pretty evening gown," his wife said. "When are you going to earn enough to buy for me something like this?"

5. I don't think you are really going to follow his example. I doubt in it. You may not pay attention at my words, but I'm telling to you I'm right.

6. When she comes at home late, they go in bed right away, they don't play in cards, they don't even listen to the radio.

7. "Join to us," he said, smiling charmingly on poor Mrs Robbins. "Follow after your sisters. Give us your money. Someday you're going to need us, and we will help for you."

8. "I ask for you to forget me," he said in a trembling voice. "I know I'll miss about you, and you'll never miss me. Someday, maybe soon, you'll meet with another man, and he will make you happy. Look at me - I have nothing to tell to you."

9. Now he's looking for a job. because he doesn't want to depend of his father any longer. He goes to different places, and everywhere they tell him to come next week.

4.1. Глагол плюс предлог 195

10. "What happened with your sister?"

"Oh, she wants to get married, but nobody pays attention to her, although she wears all those weird clothes and wild makeup."

"But she looks like a whore."

"Yes, but she thinks she looks tike on a princess. She is waiting for a charming prince, you know."

"Oh, I doubt her chances."

11. "Nothing is going to happen to her," he said reassuringly. "Listen me. She met a nice, decent man, she asked him for help, and he was ready to give to her it. We shouldn't discuss about her behavior now, it's too late, anyway. Let's discuss her future instead."

12. "Where are my papers?" he shouted. "I can't look for after them any more! I can't depend on those lazy morons of servants any longer! My patience is over. 1 can't play these games anymore, I'll go away and join the army!"

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