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I am writing to you with regard to promote my business idea that is likely to be just the most brilliant one from all the others possible. I hope you will be interested in contacting me personally in order to discuss all the details and etc. The business idea is as the world’s simplicity: we are going to launch the program which is to offer for tourists the professional photographer service.

The whole information you are going to need is further.

Sincere yours,

Galina Pelikhova

Business plan:

Concept:Tourists hire a professional photographer while their trip.

Suitability:Nowadays, tourists prefer to travel on their own, for sure they take their best cameras with them. But if you’re traveling alone or with the group (it doesn’t really mater) you want to take a picture with yourself as well. That is while my program will suit everyone both who prefer to travel alone and with the group. Concerning the Russian Federation it is worth saying that coming here is a great deal of time, wasted nervous and money. However, it is really worth it: glorious sights, stunningly developed architecture, beautiful cities and rare natural special features such as white nights in Saint – Petersburg. That is why people are going to take photos making each step. Though what is better: to give some little money away but having absolutely creative and vivid pictures made by a professional or to economize but to make it on your own and after coming to your homeland be shy to show these pictures to your closest? For sure every person would go for the first option.


· Small but cozy area for the base of the program

· 5 people for accepting the requirements both personally and on the phone, 7 – 10 professional photographers, 10 people spreading the fliers all over the Nevskyi prospect, 2 people for technical support (renewing the computer system, developing the site, helping the other staff with the computer programs)

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