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Affected 8. causes 9. suffer 10. due to 11. untreated 12. colds

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Measles is one of the most infectious childhood 1.... It is 2... by a virus and is spread from person to person by 3..., coughing and breathirtg. The '4... period' — the time between 5... the illness and becoming unwell — is seven to twelve days.

Measles begins like a bad 6... .Children with measles look and 7... very unwell with a high temperature, 8... nose, sore eyes and a 9... . A 10... appears after three to five days. This starts as large red blotches behind the ears and on the forehead, then 11... rapidly over the body, usually fading after a further three days. Measles spots don't usually itch, but the blotches often merge to form a large red mass. The 12... period — when your child can give illness to someone else — is from a few days before the rash 13... until five days after it goes. 14... such as ear and chest infections, vomiting and diarrhoea are quite 15... .

1. cold

Complica- 3. spreads 4. diseases 5. infectious 6. sneezing tions

12. feel
11. rash

Appears 8. caused 9. incubation 10. cough 13. catching 14. common 15. runny


Mumps, in children, is usually a 1... infectious illness. It is 2... by a virus and is spread by 3... and sneezes. The 'incubation period' — the time between 4... an illness and becoming unwell — is fourteen to twenty-one days. The 5... symptom of mumps is a. swollen face, caused by 6... of the salivary glands in your child's jaw and below the ears. Mumps is 7... common between the ages of five and fifteen, and is generally not as 8... as other childhood illnesses.

Your child may have a 9... fever and feel unwell for a day or two before 10... of the face develops — on one or both sides. Your child may also 11... a dry mouth and chewing and swallowing may be uncomfortable. The 12... period — when your child ca-n give the 13... to someone else—is from a few days before becoming 14... until swelling goes down; 15... ten days in all.

1. contagious 2. swelling 3. probably 4. mild 5. complain 6. caused


7. unwell 8. catching 9. infectious 10. most 11. typical 12. inflam-

mation .
13. slight 14. illness 15. coughs


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