Complete the sentences below with the pairs of words in the box.

  1. A. Complete the sentences according to the information in the text.
  2. A. Complete the sentences with the comparative forms of the adverbs in the box.
  3. A. Make up short dialogues expressing your opinion, agreeing or disagreeing. Use the prompts given below.
  4. A. Read the text, give the English equivalents for the words in brackets, and single out the main items of the income statement.
  5. A. Read the texts below.
  6. Act out the dialogues below in pairs
  7. Add prefix re-. Translate the new words.
  8. All the verbs in the box relate to legal matters. Use them in the correct forms to complete the sentences.
  9. B) Substitute the words in italics with the idiom that would fit best in the context.
  10. B. Below is list of words derived from the same stem. Indicate the parts of speech. Choose suitable word for each blank in the sentences below.
big-headed / showing off fussy / please gorgeous / looks strict / lets liberal / let outgoing / get on with quiet / says independent / get

1. My dad's very ........... . He never .......... me do anything!

2. My parents were quite ........... . They .......... me do more or less whatever I wanted.

3. His girlfriend's ........... . She .......... like a model.

4. My little brother's really ........... . He's really difficult to ........... . He's never happy.

5. His wife's so ........... . She hardly .......... anything. You hardly know she's there.

6. My granddad's very ........... . He's eighty-three, but he still lives on his own and he can still ........ about by himself.

7. There's an awful guy in my class. He's so .......... . He's always .......... and he just thinks he's God's gift to women.

8. My mum's very ........... . She's very easy to.......... .


37. What type of person ?

a. is too interested in other peoples affairs?

b. stops being your friend when you are in trouble?

c. is very shy & easily frightened?

d. seems friendly & nice but is actually dangerous & threatening?

e. seems to be dangerous but in fact is not?

f. is not enthusiastic about things & stops other people from enjoying themselves?

g. hides their feelings & experiences?

h. tries to show that they are cleverer than other people?

i. is a wealthy & powerful person?


38. Read the text below. Put the words given into the correct form by adding necessary prefixes/suffixes.

Ive always been a(n) (1) sort of person. You might think thats a rather (2) way to live & Ive had some (3) moments. Once, for example, I was in a great (4) with the most beautiful girt in the world or so I thought, when she suddenly (5) . She didnt answer the phone & was never in when I called round. I was so (6) . In fact, after three days I became quite (7) . We hadnt had an (8) or anything. A week passed & the tension in me was (9) . I had to do something so I hired an aircraft to drop thousands of papers over the town with the message. impulse child embarrass relate appear frustrate depress argue bear

39. Read the text below. Put the words given into the correct form by adding necessary prefixes/suffixes.

A perfect friend

Because (1) ... is one of the few kinds of relationship we have control over, it is an (2) ... area of research for sociologists. Although we cant usually choose our (3) ..., bosses or (4) ... we can choose our friends. But how do we choose them, & why is it that we find some peoples (5) ... more (6) ... than others? We are all looking for similar qualities in our friends, such as (7) ..., a good sense of humor & (8) ... . However, what each of us means by a good sense of humor, for example, is (9) ... . We are all unique, & so the perfect friend for one person may seem a little (10) ... to someone else! friend interest relate teach person attract honest kind differ bore

40. Read the text below. Put the words given into the correct form by adding necessary prefixes/suffixes.



Jerry is a bully & has one of the most (1) ... personalities attract


of anyone I know. Hes totally (2) ... , he never does what obey

his parents or teachers tell him to do, hes (3) ... (hes always honest

telling lies), & I try to keep my (4) ... from him as much as distant

possible. (5) ..., he is my brother, so thats not always easy! fortune

Its strange having a (6) ... who everyone dislikes. It makes me relate

feel (7) ... at school, because sometimes people think I must comfort

be like him, but in fact Im completely (8) ... . I hope differ

as Jerry grows older, hell realize how important (9) ... is friend

& hell stop being so (10) ... to everyone. One thing is sure kind

hell never get a girlfriend until he changes his ways!


41. Match the adjectives with their definitions:

confused a person who doesnt do what he says he will
nervous worries & thinks too much about detail
bad tempered worries about what might happen
loyal is uncertain about what to do, what to think
ambitious someone who likes giving things to others
haughty people who show their feeling easily
miserable has belief in ones own value & abilities
self-confident a happy, smiling person
unreliable behaves badly, doesnt obey
generous has a strong desire to be successful, powerful, rich
emotional is faithful to people, places & things
fussy in low spirits
cheerful unhappy, tired & not interested
suspicious likes to work with other people
co-operative doesnt trust people


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