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Task 10. Answer the questions. Choose the right variant.

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1. Why is Birmingham called "the workshop of the world"?

a) Birmingham is the largest industrial centre of Britain today.

b) It was the place where Industrial revolution began.

c) Many people want to locate a business there.

2. What is the geographical position of Birmingham?

a) It lies just in the centre of England.

b) It is located in Scotland.

c) It is in the watershed of the Rivers Severn and Trent.

3. What is the leading branch of the modern economy in the city?

a) Manufacturing is the main industry in Birmingham.

b) The leading branch of the economy is the service sector.

c) Tourism plays a great role in the city economic development.

4. Why is Birmingham considered to have the largest urban nature reserve in Europe?

a) There is Sutton Park covering 2,400 acres of land.

b) There is a vast land of parkland open spaces.

c) The city centre consists of numerous parks and squares.

5. Are there any places connected with famous residents of the city?

a) Beautiful parks of the city were described in the book “The Lord of the Rings”.

b) Moseley bog, Sarehole Mill and Perrott's Folly are connected with many famous bands and musicians.

c) Moseley bog, Sarehole Mill and Perrott's Folly inspired J. R. R. Tolkien to describe these places in his book “The Lord of the Rings”.

Task 11. Complete the sentences with suitable beginning or ending.

1. Birmingham has developed into a national commercial centre, being named … .

2. The city centre consists of … .

3. … renowned displays of artwork that include a leading collection of work by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

4. … are the most well-known political figures who have lived in Birmingham.

Task 12. Decide on whether it is true or false.

1. Manchester is the centre of the Greater Manchester Urban Area.

2. Manchester is the most visited city in the United Kingdom by foreign visitors.

3. Birmingham has two Premier League football teams.

4. During the 19th century Manchester got the nickname Cottonopolis, as an international centre of textile manufacture and cotton spinning.

5. Manchester was called "the workshop of the world" because it was the place where industrial revolution began.

6. Manchester City Centre is famous for the network of canals and mills constructed during its 19th-century development.

7. There are several significant industrial plants in Edinburgh, including Jaguar Cars and Cadbury Trebor Bassett.

8. Edinburgh is often considered to be the one of the most picturesque cities in Europe.

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