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South Russia State Technical University

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(Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute)


South Russia State Technical University was founded on October 18 (5), 1907 and had 4 faculties (Mining, Land-Improvement Engineering, Mechanics, Chemistry), which enrolled 167 students. N.N.Zinin was the first Rector and founder of the Institute.

Since 1930, several institutes have been established on the basis of Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute: Novocherkassk Institute of Land-Improvement Engineering, Donskoi Agricultural Institute, North Caucasus Mining-Metallurgical Institute, Rostov Institute of Agricultural Mechanical Engineering and others.

The University has the following faculties: Pre-Institute Training, the Humanities and Social Economics, Mining and Geology, Systems' Engineering and Robotics, Electromechanics, Mechanics, Applied Robotics and Machine-Building, Energetics, Engineering, Chemistry and Technology, a part-time and extra-mural faculty; the Institute branch in Shakhty has the faculties of Mining, Mining and Mechanics, a part-time faculty and an extra-mural faculty; the Institute branch in Volgodonsk has the faculty of Energetics and Machine-Building, a part-time and extra-mural faculty and two educational-consulting centres in Kamensk and Rostov-on-Don.

Now the University enrolls over 13000 students (9000 full-time, 4000 part-time and extra-mural students). At the university students are trained in 48 specialties. The University offers Bachelor’s programmes in electroenergetics and heat engineering. The University’s research programme corresponds to the specialists’ training orientation. The University offers postgraduate courses in 35 specialties (107 specialists pursue their study at the present time); doctoral programmes are offered in 8 specialities (4 aspirants for Doctor’s degrees at present); there are over 90 extra-mural aspirants for Candidate’s degrees. The University trains students and postgraduates from China and India.

20 branches of the University departments and 9 educational-production and research-production complexes were opened on the basis of industrial enterprises, research institutes, secondary schools of the city and the region. The University structure includes a two-year specialized school with a physical-mathematical bias, a preparatory department and special training courses for applicants, 25 vocational training preparatory centres, 3 special design technological offices, a computer centre, a research department, an experimental plant; 9 enterprises of various status, including 3 joint-stock companies; 3 qualification improvement faculties for institute and technical colleges teachers, and refresher courses for engineers.

The University has a publishing house, a scientific-technical library, a sports centre, a club for scientists and students, an amateur opera and ballet theatre, a health care centre, two sports and health care centres in the country, the museum of battle and labour glory.


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