Tag questions

  1. A. Answer the questions.
  2. A. Answerthequestions.
  3. Answer the following questions.
  4. Answer the questions.
  5. Answer the questions.
  6. B. Find the answers to the following questions in the passage given bellow. Put the passage in the correct order to form the text (use questions as the prompt)
  7. B. Predict the answers to the questions before reading
  8. B. Read the text and find the answers to the following questions.
  9. B. Read the text below and find answers to the following questions.
  10. C. Answer the questions.
Ill   give you a lift, shall I? Yes, please. Thats very kind of you./ No, thanks. Ill walk.
I will be rich, wont I? Yes, you will. / No, you wont.
You will leave tomorrow, wont you? Yes, I will. / No, I wont.
He/She will enjoy the camping trip wont he/she? Yes, he/she will. / No, he/she wont.
It will be Sunday tomorrow, wont it? Yes, it will. / No, it wont.
Well   go by plane, shall we? All right. Lets go by plane.
They will be more careful next time, wont they? Yes, they will. / No, they wont.


I wont work next week, will I? No, you wont. / Yes, you will.
You wont be late, will you? No, I. wont. / Yes, I will.
He/She wont tell anyone else, will he/she? No, he/she wont. / Yes, he/she will.
It wont help anyone, will it? No, it wont. / Yes, it will.
We wont do this, will we? No, we wont. / Yes, we will.
They wont come to see us, will they? No, they wont. / Yes, they will.

NOTE:a) after Lets... the question tag is shall we?

Lets go out for a walk, shall we?

b) After the imperative (Do/Dont do...) the tag is will you?

Open the door, will you?

Exercise 51. Give the correct tag to these sentences.

  1. I expect well meet again before long, ___?
  2. Ill show you the way, ___?
  3. They wont need a lot of money for that trip, ___?
  4. Everyone will like the idea, ___?
  5. Tomorrow will be cold, with some snow in the afternoon, ___?
  6. Lets have dinner, ___?
  7. Turn down the radio, ___/


Exercise 52. Ask questions about the information in italics.

1. At the weekend well probably go to the cinema.

  1. You will find the newspaper under the pile of magazines.
  2. It will be rainy and quite cold.
  3. Theyll meet Joyce at the airport at 7 oclock.
  4. No, I wont work from Wednesday till Friday.
  5. Itll take you an hour and a half to get to the city centre.

There is/are in the Future Simple Tense

+ There will always be future for music.
- There wont be any newspapers tomorrow.
General: Will there be any talk shows today? Yes, there will.
Alternative: Will there be stamps or coins in your new collection? I think, coins.
Special: What will there be on the agenda? I dont know. When will there be a party? Tonight. Why will there be no opportunity for shopping? All the sops will be closed at that time. How many people will there be at the meeting? A lot. How much snow will there be at this time of the year. Not much. What kind of books will there be in the library? Only scientific books. Which tennis tournament will there be in Moscow? The Kremlin Cup.
Tag: There wont be any wars in future, will there? No, there wont. / Yes, there will. There will be a lot of games at the party, wont there? Yes, there will. / No, there wont.

Exercise 53. Rewrite each sentence as positive, negative, or a general question, according to the instructions.

Example: There will be no tickets left. (question) Will there be any tickets left?

There will be a world war before the year 2030. (negative) There wont be a world war before the year 2030.

There wont be a world currency in the future. (positive) There will be a world currency in the future.

1. There will be a meeting tomorrow. (negative)

  1. There wont be any exams in June. (positive)
  2. There will be no entertainment programmes today. (question)
  3. There will be some letters in the mail for you. (negative)
  4. There will be a lot of rooms for everyone. (question)
  5. There wont be much sun at this time of the year. (positive)

Exercise 54. Ask questions about the information in italics.

1. They say there will be little snow this winter.

  1. There will be lots of games, songs and dances at Mikes birthday party. I hope you will enjoy yourselves.
  2. There will be no trains to the suburbs after midnight.
  3. There will be another business meeting on Wednesday.
  4. There will be special programmes today because of the earthquake.


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