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Major categories of financial ratios.

Greetings Introduction (Preparing the audience) Main Part (Delivering the message) Conclusion (Winding-up)
Dear listeners! First let me introduce myself; I am ... from ... . Let us clear first of all over … (e.g the organisation structure / the general aims, etc. .. ) So, to cut a long story short … .
Ladies and gentlemen! I’d like to talk about ... . The first point to make is that … . In conclusion …
Good morning / afternoon, colleagues! May I venture to remind you of ... . The next point is that … . Looking back, …
Esteemed Mr. Chairman, Esteemed colleagues! Do you want to take the questions as we go, or leave them to the end? I must emphasize ... . That’s about all there is to it.
Mr.Chairman, Dear colleagues! My purpose here today is (to speak about) … At this point we have to bear in mind ... . This brings me to the end of my presentation.
    To go back to my earlier point ... . Thank you for listening.  
    Now, to change the subject for a moment ... . Before I finish I’d like to run through the main points once again.

B. Comment on the given presentation. Make use of the following points and helpful phrases. Do your best so as not to offend the speaker and to show the positive sides of the presentation rather than criticise it:

- The timing

· The length of time that the presentation under review is expected to take was beyond the limit / appropriate / quite acceptable

-The lay-out of the presentation

· The way in which the parts of the presentation are laid out was justified.

· The presentation is arranged(set out) in an appropriate way

· to be a coherent whole

· Task set is (not) achieved due to (because of the lack of) organisation and linking devices.

- The manner of presentation

· to be able to get the message across clearly

· the presentation avoids the usual pitfalls of ...

· to encourage feedback

- General language ability

· (not) to impede communication (about mispronouncing and grammatical errors)

· to have a good (poor, adequate, appropriate) command of the language

· to use helpful phrases (active vocabulary)

· the inaccuracy was quite occasional

· to reveal competence

- The contents of the presentation

· to know the ins and outs of the subject

· to be a good fit

· the speaker wasted time invainly trying to ...

· to streamline the facts

- The use of visuals and slide structure

· …the layout of the slides is clear and the illustrations are helpful …

· to help the audience concentrate on what the lecturer is saying

· the chosen fonts (colour, background, graphs highlight the layout of the presentation


Read and translate the following interview.


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