Step 4. Prepare a report on the case. Use the instructions in Unit 1.

  1. BRAKING ACTION REPORTED BY (aircraft type) AT (time) GOOD (or MEDIUM, or POOR)
  4. D) Participate in the discussion. (You have only five minutes to talk.) Be prepared to answer any question arising in the course of the discussion.
  5. Decide on an appropriate punishment for the offenders in each case.
  6. Investigative Reports
  7. Make a survey of the crimes and court cases that are reported in the news in one week.
  9. Paraphrase the title of the news report. Provide 2- 3 titles of your own.
  10. PRECISION APPROACH NOT AVAILABLE DUE (reason) (alternative instructions)

Role Play

Some Points to Keep in Mind

You should keep in mind that business strategies, by their very nature, are permanently subject to change. Regardless of a companys previous performance, innovative ideas are absolutely essential if the company is eager to increase or just maintain its market share. As business isnt a science, its impossible to determine exactly how long a particular strategy should be employed before its changed. Premature shifts in marketing strategy often have negative results. At the same time, in order to minimize losses, its vital to recognize when a strategy isnt a success so that it may be altered.




In case of Microcomtec, the problem is precisely that described above. Microcomtecs strategy initially was to produce microcomputers for general industrial use. When it wasnt successful, Microcomtec targeted two specific areas: material-testing automation and chromatography automation. But that strategy seems to be failing. Is it the case, as Mr. Dixon believes, that simply more time is needed to penetrate these special targets, both domestically and overseas? Or is an absolutely new direction needed? Finally, is the sweeping reform proposed by Ms. Stanley the right direction if Microcomtec make a decision to alter its strategy?




Mr. David Robinson, President, Microcomtec Corporation

Mr. Henry Dixon, Vice-President, Microcomtec Corporation

Ms. Pauline Stanley, Computer Industry Consultant


The three are discussing Ms. Stanleys report in Mr. Robinsons office at Microcomtec.

(Make use of the information given in Case Study, Some Points to Keep in Mind, Situation).

P. Stanley realizes that her recommendations may seem very bold, but given the present financial situation at Microcomtec she thinks bold measures are needed. She tells Mr. Dixon she understands their position, but she doesnt feel that theyve received enough inquiries to warrant optimism. She considers that an order isnt an order until they get a P.O. (purchase order) number. As for the European sales office Ms. Stanley cant see that its worth keeping. She reminds that it doesnt even pay for itself. Ms. Stanley finalizes the matter: she was hired by them to do a study and make some recommendations. She did that. Its their choice whether to accept the recommendations or not. She happens to think her recommendations are sound, but its up to them to decide. She says that the reasons she thinks they are sound are detailed in the report. She mentions some facts in her speech. First, in three months of active effort the company have only six orders. Second, the competition, particularly in chromatography, is keen. Third, the European sales office is costing more than its producing. Fourth, their microcomputer is too expensive, given the fact that an IBM PC costs one-fourth as much as the Microcomtec and is an industry standard. Granted, it may not do as much, but it is basically all most researches need, given the right software. She supposes if they convert their software so that it will run on the IBM PC, theyll be in a position to do just that. She also tries to assure Mr. Robinson and Mr. Dixon that if they are more horizontal than vertical in their approach to the market, theyll have a larger target. Fifth, she is sure that their advertising and sales promotion measures are not getting to the right people. She recommends them to buy some lists and then do a direct mail shot. She advises to go to every trade show they can and demonstrate their product. She explains that the audience they are trying to reach doesnt take journal advertising seriously. The audience wants more information than it can get in an ad. She is sure that direct mail can give that to the interested party. In Ms. Stanleys opinion a demo can do even more.

Make use of the helpful phrases:


Let me just say at the beginning

In the circumstances

I want to press the point

As far as I can gather

What with one thing and another

Gentlemen, let me make a couple of things clear

But let me just reiterate a few facts here

In the first place

If you ask me

I suppose

I take it for granted that

What do you think of ?

Ill tell you what.

Make the best of it.

The long and the short of it is


H. Dixon agrees and wants to know whether these are the right measures. He says that his feeling is simply that they havent been aggressive enough in their marketing. Also, he considers that the new targeted fields - materials-testing automation and chromatography automation - are not quick sells. It takes some time to build up orders. He adds they launched their new campaign in the early fall. Its just January now. He thinks that Ms. Stanley is premature in her assessment that this is not the right market. He has to admit that orders arent coming in in the necessary quantity, but they are getting more and more inquiries, and with proper action they should be able to turn them into orders. He isnt that optimistic at all about it. But he feels they have to give this market, this product, some chance. Their sales manager in Rotterdam, Nick Govern, is right now working on an order for ten Microcomtecs, plus software. That amounts to $200,000. Henry tries to assure Ms. Stanley that Nick feels confident hell get an order for ten Microcomtecs. At the same time he accepts Ms. Stanleys arguments concerning the European sales office. He reminds that it hasnt paid for itself in four months. But he still doesnt feel that means they should shut it down. He believes the potential is there. Nick is a good sales rep, and things are beginning to turn.


Make use of the helpful phrases:


Right on both counts

The question is

I dare say

I am inclined to think

The way things are

Looks like that

I wont deny

In a way yes

I dont mind telling you but


As far as is concerned

On the surface (of it)

What matters is


D. Robinson thinks that Henry is right to some extent. But the orders just arent coming in fast enough. David understands that they cant play a long-term waiting game. They dont have the capital to last. D. Robinson wants to know what Henry is basing his sales projections on. Robinson supposes that they should consider the problem concerning the European sales office. D. Robinson expresses his disagreement with Ms. Stanleys opinion that it isnt worth keeping the European Sales office. But he has to agree that it barely pays for itself.

Make use of the helpful phrases:

I mean to say


But the truth is

In the circumstances

As far as I can see

Could you possibly , please?

That brings up the whole matter of

I disagree with you (on that point)

I differ from you

Theres something in what you say, but

I must admit


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