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• модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты,

• времена группы Continuous (Present, Past, Future) в активном залоге

• времена группы Perfect (Present, Past, Future) в активном и пассивном залоге.

Выполните следующие упражнения:

I.Переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на видо-временную форму глагола.

1. Why are you leaving so soon? - I'm hurrying to the University. I attend the meetings of the English Club on Fridays. 2. I've already done my shopping and now I'm cooking dinner. 3. She takes her little daughter to the kindergarten every day. 4. Somebody left the light on all night. 5. They are going to get married. 6. He is often seen in the library of the University. 7. They had packed their suitcases before I came. 8. I'm afraid we'll be late if we don't hurry. 9. The letter has just been typed. 10. He never misses his English classes as he is going to London soon and wants to speak English very well. 11. Will you be through with your exam in an hour? 12. These houses were built more than 25 years ago. 13. Were you getting ready for your exam all day long yesterday? 14. The translation will have been done by Monday. 15.English is spoken

in many countries of the world. 16. I've already passed all the exams and I’m leaving for my native town tonight. 17. The articles had been translated and typed by last Tuesday.

II.Прочитайте и переведите следующие предложения:

1. You can and you must do this work. 2. There will be no meeting after classes. You may go home. 3. May I take this book home? - I'm afraid not. 4. You needn't take a bus. You can walk there. It's not far from here. 5. There are little children in the room. You mustn't smoke here. 6. Did you have to translate the text in writing? - No, I didn't. 7.He has to get up rather early as he lives far from the University. 8. She had to stay at home yesterday because she was ill. 9. He is to make a report at the conference. 10. He needn't go to the library, I can give him the book he

needs. 11. You should be more attentive in class. 12. Kate is in hospital. You ought to go to see her. 13. I hope they will be able to speak English fluently soon. 14. Ann is still very weak. She won't be allowed to leave home. 15. He'll have to work hard to be able to pass all exams successfully. 16. Mr. Smith is to meet the delegation at the airport. 17. I couldn't go for a walk yesterday as I had to do much work about the house. 18. We are to take five tests and four exams in January. 19.Must she water the garden? - No, she needn't, it looks like rain. 20. May I smoke

here? - No, you mustn't.

III.Прочитайте и переведите следующие предложения:

1. I can't tell you the time. I've left my watch somewhere. 2.There is no point in asking him to help us. He's sold his car and hasn't yet bought a new one. 3. Have you ever been to the USA? - Not yet. 4. She's done the translation, and now she's going home. 5. We haven't met him since we finished school. 6. They've lived in Serov since they graduated from the University. 7. Have you seen them lately? - Unfortunately not. 8. Has she already passed all the exams? - Yes, she has. She has passed them with good and excellent marks. 9. Who has written out the new words from the text? - Everybody has. 10. I'm glad to meet you. - So am I. I haven't seen you for ages.

IVОтветьте на следующие приказания по модели:

Model:Open the window! - But I've already opened it.

1. Water the flowers! 2. Cut the bread! 3. Dust the furniture! 4. Take the books to the library! 5. Translate Text 2 on Page 54! 6. Write out new words from the text! 7. Learn the poem by heart! 8. Buy a good dictionary! 9.Wash your hands! 10. Send her photo to him! 11. Read the article! 12. Listen to the latest news!

VНайдите правильный ответ:

1. Participle II правильных глаголов образуется при помощи:

a) -ing b) -ed c) -es d) -s e) –en

2. Participle II неправильных глаголов образуется при помощи:

a) -ing b) -ed c) –es

d) по разному (вторая форма глагола)

е) по разному (третья форма глагола)

3. Какие глаголы образуют Participle II с помощью "-ed"?

a) to do b) to work c) to be d) to see e) to study

4. Какие глаголы образуют Participle II по разному?

a) to meet b) to ask c) to begin d) to know e) to translate

5. Present Perfect используется:

a) когда есть результат законченного действия, но время действия не указано

b) со словами "already, yet, just, ever, never"

c) со словами "yesterday, last year, last month, last week, ... days (weeks, months, years) ago"

d) со словами "today, this week, this month, this year"

e) если мы спрашиваем, когда действие произошло

6. При образовании Perfect смысловой глагол должен быть в форме:

a) Participle I (writing, opening)

b) Infinitive with "to" (to write, to open)

c) Participle II (written, opened)

d) Infinitive without "to" (write, open)

e) Past Indefinite (wrote, opened)

7. Вспомогательным глаголом для образования времен Perfect служит:

a) to do b) to be c) to have d) to get d) to become

8. Найдите инфинитив в Perfect Active:

a) to be elected b) to have elected c) to have been elected

d) to have been electing e) to be being elected

9. Найдите глаголы в Present Perfect Active:

a) is written

b) has written

c) have written

d) has been written

e) have been written

10. Найдите предложения в Present Perfect Active:

a) I haven't heard the news yet.

b) Pete has just bought a new dictionary.

c) Ann bought a new dress yesterday.

d) Who has taken my pen?

e) Helen has been bought a new dress.

11. Какой вспомогательный глагол нужен для следующего предложения : "We ... never been to Moscow"

a) shall b) were c) have d) has e) did

12. Найдите правильную форму глагола для следующего предложения: "He ... Ann this week"

a) didn't meet b) haven't met c) hasn't met

d) doesn't meet e) hasn't been met

13. Найдите правильный вопрос к подчеркнутому члену предложения:

"He has bought a few English books this week"

a) Who has bought a few English books?

b) What books has he bought?

c) When did he buy a few English books?

d) How many English books has he bought?

e) What has he bought this week?

14. Найдите правильную форму глагола для следующего предложения: "She ... to her native town since 1995"

a) was not b) haven't been c) had not been

d) hasn't been e) were not

15. Найдите правильный ответ к следующему вопросу: "Has your brother helped you?"

a) Yes, he did. b) Yes, he is. c) Yes, he was.

d) Yes, he does. e) Yes, he has

VIПрочитайте и переведите следующие предложения:

1. I had studied English before I entered the University. 2. They had arrived at the station by 5 o'clock. 3. Bob had written the report by Sunday. 4.The teacher had given the pupils their home task before the bell rang. 5. I had heard it was a good film so we decided to go and see it. 6. He felt much happier once he had found a new job. 7. Mother had cooked dinner by the time we got hungry. 8. Ann had had dinner by that time. 9.They had sent all the invitation cards long before the wedding party. 10. The children had already fallen asleep when their parents returned home after the concert.

Прочитайте и переведите следующие тексты:


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