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The supermarket with 1350 m2 area and a restaurant for 120 people is accommodated in a two-storey building. Store rooms and technical services are in the basement. The recessed upper storey comprises a restaurant. Vertical circulation facilities comprise two staircases and three lifts in the interior of the building. There is also an escalator and one outside staircase leading up from the arcade.

Rectangular on plan with recessed corners the supermarket has overall dimensions of 55.80 x 35.70 m. The height above ground level is 11.50 m. The planning grid of the supermarket is 5.85 x 5.85 m. The edge of the roof projects 5.55 m on all sides.

The reinforced concrete basement (mushroom floor slab and columns with simple bases) is surmounted by a composite framework. A reinforced concrete floor is supported on 28 external columns and nine internal columns. The column spacings are 5.85 and 11.70 m. This floor is rigidly connected to the internal columns by means of anchor bars and capping plates and is supported along its edges by brackets attached to the external columns. The floor slab is enclosed by an edge beam channel section.

Wind forces are resisted by portal frame action and are transmitted through the framework and the floor slab to the concrete core containing one of the staircases. The striking roof structure for the restaurant on the upper floor comprises square mushroom-shaped units, each of which consists of a downward-tapering column carry­ing a cap in the shape of an inverted pyramid. Each mushroom cap comprises four hip rafters fabricated from IPE 400 sections and rigidly bolted to the outer flange of the four members forming the column. The mushroom hip rafters, which taper towards their ends, are interconnected by purlins and edge beams. The purlins and edge beams are stressed, not only in bending by the roof loading, but also in tension, as a result of the geometric deformation of the mushroom head. The purlins carry lightweight concrete slabs, the soffit being clad with aluminium panels.

The foundation is made of 40 cm thick reinforced concrete foundation slab. As the water table is 2.50 m above the soffit of the basement floor, the basement was to be constructed as a watertight con­crete tank. The subsoil is gravel with calculated bearing pressure being 2.0 kg/cm2.


anchor bar анкерная тяга

cap n. капитель, ростверк

capping plate анкерная головка, / покрывающая плита

geometric adj. геометрический

inverted adj. перевёрнутый

mushroom floor slab плита безбалочного железобетонного перекрытия

store room склад

tank n. резервуар

Ответьте на вопросы к тексту

1. What are the main functional features of the development?

2. How large is the building?

3. What does the reinforced concrete floor bear on?

4. How are wind forces resisted?

5. What does the roof structure comprise?

6. What is the structure of mushroom caps?

7. What does the substructure of the building feature?

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