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Panel Interviews

STEP I.Work in two large groups Each group should decide on one job that would be attractive and realistic for most of the members of the class to apply for. Perhaps this could be your ‘ideal job’ – the one you’d immediately apply for if you saw it advertised.

Write an advertisement for the job and, if possible, make copies for the other group to see. Alternatively, pin it to the classroom notice board or stick it on the white/blackboard.


STEP II. In this simulation, half the class will be playing the role of INTERVIEWERS and the other half the role of CANDIDATES. Each panel of interviewers works for a firm of consultants, and they will interview several candidates for both jobs advertised.

Decide which members of the class are going to play the roles of candidates, and which are going to be the interviewers. Follow the instructions below, according to your role.

1. Interviewers Work with the other member(s) of your panel. Decide what questions you are going to ask each candidate.

· What personal qualities are you looking for?

· Are you going to be kind to the candidates or give them a hard time?

Candidates Choose one of the jobs advertised.

Write a short letter of application for the job. (The letter will accompany your CV, if you have one.)


2. InterviewersRead the letter of application and any CVs you receive.

Decide which candidates look promising and what special questions you’ll ask each one. Make a list of questions.

CandidatesWork with another candidate and decide what impression you’ll try to give.

Write a list of difficult questions you may be asked and make sure you know how to answer them.


STEP III.Now it’s time for the interviews to take place.

Each interview panel should have its ‘office’ in a different part of the room.

Candidates go to a different ‘office’ for each interview.

The CONTROLLER will tell you how long is available for each interview and work out a timetable that allows time for panels to see at least three candidates. Each panel must stick to this schedule, so that other panels are not kept waiting.

CandidatesBetween interviews you should wait in a separate area – preferably in another room or in the corridor.


STEP IV.When the interviews have finished, all the interviewers and all the candidates should meet in separate areas.

InterviewersTell the other panels about the candidates you have interviewed.

You can recommend up to three people for both posts. Decide which candidates will be short-listed.

CandidatesImagine that you’re meeting in a local café. Tell the other candidates how you got on in your interviews.

· What mistakes did you make?

· Which of the panels conducted the best interviews?

· What advice would you give them about their interviewing techniques?

Decide which panels were the best.


STEP V.Now meet again as a class.

InterviewersAnnounce your short lists of successful candidates.

CandidatesAnnounce which panel you voted ‘top interviewers’.

STEP VI.Work in groups or as a class Finally, discuss these questions:

· How did you feel at each stage of the simulation?

· What did you learn from doing this simulation?

· How did any real interviews you’ve had compare with this one?

· If you could do the whole simulation again, what would you do differently?


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