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Special Questions

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(Спеціальні питання)


who – хто what – що what (colour) –який how – як when – коли
whose – чий, чия, чиє which – який, котрий how long – як довго where – де
whom – кого, кому what time – котра година how much (time) – скільки why – чому
  what size – який розмір how many (students) – скільки  
  what kind (sort) of – який, якого роду how far – як далеко  

How many faculties are there at the University?

When did you enter the Academy?

What will you read me tomorrow?

Whose book have you taken?

Where do you come from?

What specialists does your faculty train?

Who knows this story?

How far is it from here?

What time is it by your watch?

How long does it take you to get to the Academy?

Alternative Questions

(Альтернативні питання)

Will you go by train or by plane?
Is he from Russia or Ukraine?
Does he work at the plant or in the office?

Tag Questions

(Розділові питання)

You live in Kharkiv, don’t you?
Maria will do her work in time, won’t she?
He has done the translation, hasn’t he?
You don’t speak English, do you?
He isn’t your friend, is he?

Exercise 15 Give answers to the questions.

1. How old are you? 2 When did you finish school? 3. Do you work or study? 4. Are you a part-time student or a full-time student? 5. Which of your friends likes football? 6. You will be an engineer in 5 years, won’t you? 7. Your group mate lives in a hostel not far from the Academy, doesn’t he? 8. How long does it take you to get to the Academy? 9. How often do you have your English lessons?


Exercise 16 Fill in the blank spaces with the following words.

what, where, when(2), who, why, whose,

how much(2), how many, how, how long

Model: What is your name? Nick.

1. ... are you late? – Because I missed the train. 2. ... does the film start? – At 9.15. 3. ... did you see this morning? – Tom. 4. ... did that bike cost? – Two hundred pounds. 5. .... do you want to leave? – At 5 o’clock. 6. ... did you buy at the supermarket? – Some milk. 7. ... sisters have you got? – Two. 8. ... coat is this? – Maria’s. 9. ... is the baker’s? – It’s next to the video club. 10. ... bread have we got? – Half a loaf. 11. ... do you get to the Academy? – By metro. 12. ... does it take you to clean the room? – Half an hour.


Exercise 17 Put questions to the words initalics.

1. Не speaks English, French, and German. 2. They worked at this problem some years ago. 3. She is coming in a day or two. 4. I will be an engineer in 5 years. 5. Helen didn’t come because she missed the train. 6. They would like to buy their own house. 7. The pub is often the only place for men to meet and to speak. 8. He can answer all your questions. 9. The call is urgent.


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