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Exercise 2. Make up sentences of your own using the suggested words. Use the Passive Voice.

Foreign language – to teach – 3 year ago Foreign language was taught 3 years ago.



1. The Independence of Ukraine – to proclaim – August 24,1991

2. Ukraine – to wash – the Black Sea – in the south.

3. The day of the Constitution of Ukraine – to celebrate – June,28

4. Ukraine – to divide – the Dnipro - into two parts: Left Bank and Right Bank Ukraine.

5. Music to our national anthem – to write – M.M.Verbitsky.

6. In 1994 – L. Kuchma – to elect – the President of Ukraine.

Exercise 3. Study the verbs with prepositions. Translate the sentences given below into Ukrainian.

to depend on – покладатися на

to insist on (upon) – наполагати на

to look at – дивитися на

to take care of – піклуватися про

to refer to – посилатися на

to speak about – говорити про


1. Ukrainian Government is depended on.

2. The terms of adopting new law were insisted on by the Verkhovna Rada.

3. A rebuilt railway station in Kyiv was looked at with surprise.

4. Our Constitution is often referred to.

5. The future election is much spoken about.

II. Practice

Exercise 4. Express your agreement with the following statements. Use the phrases: Certainly, It is really so. You are right. I agree with you.

Ukraine is situated in the south-eastern Europe. Ok, certainly. Ukraine is situated in the south-eastern Europe


1. In the south Ukraine is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

2. The main part of Ukraine is located in the watershed of the Dnipro River.

3. The territory of Ukraine is criss-crossed by railroads and highways.

4. Great areas of our country are occupied by steppes and forest-steppe regions.

5. The Independence of Ukraine was proclaimed on August 24,1991.

6. L.Kravchuk was elected the first President of Ukraine.

7. Ukraine as democratic state is ruled by the law.

8. New relations with foreign countries are constantly established by Ukraine.

Exercise 5. Object to the sentences. Use the phrases: No, it is not so. I’m afraid you are wrong. I can’t agree with you.

Kherson is situated on the bank of the Dniester. No, it is not so. Kherson is not situated on the bank of the Dniester.



1. Taras Shevchenko is buried in the town of Kharkiv.

2. The National Scientific Library, the Central Botanical Garden, and the Main Astronomical Observatory are located in Kherson.

3. The water resources of Ukraine are limited.

4. “Zeleny Swit” was organized as the Ukrainian society to support the development of nuclear power.

5. Kyiv Rus was a weak feudal state before it was destroyed by Tatar-Mongols.

6. The national holiday, Independance Day, is celebrated on June 28.



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