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ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY. 1.setvt/i 1) to make to be in a specified condition, as to open the cage and set the bird free; to set the papers (a village

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1.setvt/i 1) to make to be in a specified condition, as to open the cage and set the bird free; to set the papers (a village, a house) on fire; to fix or determine (a rule, time, standard), as to set a wedding day, to set a new land, speed, record; 2) to give (a piece of work) for (someone) to do, e, g. Who sets the ques­tions for the examination? The teacher sets the class various exercises. 3) to fix firmly (a part of the body, esp. regarded as showing one's intentions, feelings, etc.), E. g. He set his jaw and refused to agree to anything I said. She's set against her daugh­ter's marriage. 4) to put into action, e. g. He set the machine going with a push; to set the ball rolling; 5) to cause (a liquid,


paste, soft material, etc.) to become solid, e. g. Set the jelly by putting it in a cold place. 6) to write or provide (music) for a poem or other words to be sung, e. g. The poem was set to an old working song tune.

to set eyes on to see, e. g. I hope I never set eyes on that fellow again.

to set someone's teeth on edge to frighten smb

to set one's heart (mind, hopes) on to be filled with strong desire for, e. g. The boy has set his heart on becoming an engi­neer.

set a 1) determined, e. g. He is very set on going and I can't make him see that it's a bad idea. 2) given or fixed for study, e. g. The examination will have questions on the set books (texts). 3) (of part of the body, manner, state of mind, etc.) fixed in position, unmoving, e. g. She greeted her guests with a set smile. 4) ready, prepared, e. g. Are you all set? Then let's go.

set n I) (informal) a group of people of a special type: the jet set. 2) (not pi) natural position of part of the body, e. g. From the set of her shoulders it was clear that she was tired. 3) setting of the hair, e. g. "Shampoo and set, please," she said abruptly.


2. abandon vt 1) to leave completely and for ever, desert, e. g. The sailors abandoned the sinking ship. 2) to leave (a rela­tion or friend) in a thoughtless or cruel way, e. g. He aban­doned his wife and went abroad. 3) to give up, esp. without fin­ishing, e, g. The search was abandoned when the night came though the child had not been found.


N.B. to abandonmay be used with far more negative reasons than to give up.

3. resent vt to show or feel indignation at, as to resent smb's behaviour (smb's words, an insult, smb's manner, etc.), e. g. Any­one would resent such treatment. The child resented being made fun of.


Note the pattern smb resents smth.Compare with the Russian patterns: кого-л. возмущает

что-л.; возмущает кого-л.


resentful a feeling or showing resentment, as to be resentful of smb (smth), e. g. The boy was resentful of the remark.

resentment n a feeling of indignation or annoyance; a deep sense of injury, as to (have) bear no resentment against smb (smth), e. g. His conduct aroused everybody's resentment.


4. suggest vt 1) to cause to come to the mind, e.g. The open window suggested that somebody else had got into the house.

2) to bring itself to the mind, e. g. An idea suggested itself, Harry has bad manners. Lack of proper home training suggests itself. 3) to give signs (of), e. g. Her expression suggested, anger/(that), she was angry.

suggestion n a slight sign, e. g. Her face held a suggestion of anger.


5. hand n 1) a performer; a practiser of a skill

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