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Complete the following text with the words and expressions from the box.

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The House of Commons

Cabinet; benches; Foreign Secretary; Bask benchers; Budget; Shadow Cabinet; Prime Minister; Speaker; Home Secretary; Ministers; Front bench; Leader of the Opposition; Debates; Opposition; Chancellor of the Exchange


This is the House of Commons, where Members of Parliament take their seats on the green leather (a)________according to their party and position. One of them is chosen to be the (b)________, who acts as a kind of chairman of the (c)_________ which take place in the House. In from of him on his right sit the MPs of the biggest party, which forms the government, and facing them sit the MPs of the parties who oppose them, the (d)___________. The leaders of these two groups sit at the front on each side. MPs without special positions in their parties sit behind their parties sit behind their leaders at the back. They are called (e)­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________.

The leader of government, the (f)____________, sits on the government (g)______, of course, next to his or her (h)___________. The most important of these form the (i)______________. The minister responsible for relations with other countries is called the (j)___________. The one responsible for law and security is called the (k)____________. The one who deals with financial matters and prepares the annual (i)__________ speech on the economic state of the country is called the (m)____________. Opposite this group sits the (n)________ (the main person in the largest party opposing the government) and the (o)__________, each member of which specializes in a particular area of government.


Complete the following text with the words and expressions from the box and translate them into Russian.

Cabinet; alliance; right-wing; prime minister; split; Coalition; majority; left-wing; opposition; one-party states.


In most countries, except (a)_________, there are several different political parties. The one with the (b)_________ of seats normally forms the government, and the parties which are against the government are called (c)________. Sometimes no single party wins enough seats, and several parties must combine together in a (d)__________ to form a government. The principal ministers in the government from a group are called the (e)________. The leader of this group, and of the government, is the (f)________. Of course, there are many different kinds of parties and governments. A socialist or communist party is often described as (g)_______. A conservative party on the other hand, is usually said to be (h)_________. Political situations are always changing. Sometimes in a party or between two parties there is a big argument or deep difference of opinion. This is called a (i)__________. When, on the other hand, two parties work together, this is sometimes called an (j)___________.


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