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Ex.6. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets (Active or Passive).

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  8. C Use a dictionary to check any underlined phrases that are new. Then discuss with your partner whether you think the sentences are true or false.
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  10. Choisissez la question correcte.

1. More cars ________ (to steal) every year in Britain than in any other European

country: about half a million!

2. In the next ten years, about 30% of the world’s cars _________ (to manufacture)

in Asia.

3. Corradino d’Ascenio _________ (to design) the first Vespa scooter in 1946.

4. The Japanese newspaper “Yomiuri Shimbun” ________ (to read) by over

14 million people every day.

5. Australia _________ (to produce) about 40% of the world’s diamonds.

6. A book of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci _________ (to sell) for over

$30 million in 1994.

7. Surprisingly, the Finns _________ (to eat) more ice cream than any

other people in Europe!

8. More than 10 million Sony Play Stations _________ (to sell) next year.

9. Georgio Armani _________ (to start) his successful clothes label in the late 1970s.

10. In 1997, 15% of all clothes sold in the world __________ (to make) by the

American company Levi Strauss.


Ex.7. Putcan / may / must / should / have topositive or negative.

A: 1. The doctor said, “The child is very ill. He _________be taken to

hospital at once”.

2. A man __________help his parents when they become old.

3. There are no buses or taxis, so we____________walk.

4. Everybody _____________learn a foreign language.

5. We __________live without food and water. We __________ eat and drink.

6. I __________get early tomorrow, so I __________ go to bed late tonight.

7. You____________drive a car at night without lights.

8. Tom’s father told him that he ____________ask silly questions.

9. Man___________live on bread alone.


B: 1. You ____________sit there in your wet clothes; you may catch cold.

2. They____________ do all the exercises.

3. You___________do whatever you like.

4. We___________ go away just now, our train doesn’t leave for half an hour yet.

5. Why ___________ I go there?

6. She ___________sing quite well.

7. You ___________say anything. Just nod your head and he will understand.

8. ___________I use your phone? – You __________ ask for permission;

you __________use it whenever you like.

9. You __________ leave your dog with us if you don’t want to take him with you.

10. The ice is quite thick. We___________ walk on it.

11. If you don’t know the meaning of a word you ____________ use a dictionary.

12. He___________ swim very well.


Ex.8. Translate from Russian into English.

1. Бумага делается из дерева.


2. Этот мост был построен в 1907 году.


3. Кока-кола производится на этом заводе.


4. Эта церковь будет открыта в следующем году.


5. Два преступника были арестованы вчера.


6. Каждое утро я даю кошке молоко.


7. Вчера нам задавали много вопросов на уроке.


8. Ты будешь наказана за свое поведение.


9. Можно мне выйти? - Нет, вам придется остаться здесь.


10. Где хранятся старые письма?




Section 4. Listening

Listening 1

Listen to the text“ALWAYS YOUNG”and answer the questions.


1. Is your aunt Jennifer an actress or a nurse?


2. Is she over thirty years old or is she under thirty years old?


3. Does she often appear on the stage as a young girl or not?


4. Will Jennifer act the part of a girl of seventeen in a new play soon or not?


5. Does she ever tell anyone how old she really is or not?

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