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Budget travel designed for 16 to 38s-hop on, hop off

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  1. Exercise1. Look at the pictures name the places. Pick up any city and make a packing list to travel there.


1). Study the holiday types, what do people do on each type? Match them to the adverts.

a). adventure-экстремальный туризм

b). camping-кемпинг, лагерь для автотуристов

c). cruise-круиз

d). driving/touring-путешествие на автомобиле

e). farmstay- экотуризм/ сельскохозяйственный туризм

f). fly-drive-«авиа-авто»

g). independent/backpacking-бюджетный самостоятельный туризм

h). package/beach-путевка


j). self-catering-со своим питанием

k).skiing-лыжный туризм

l). trekking-горный туризм


1. Sun, sea and sand-and all your pack is your suitcase.

2. A floating five-star hotel.

3. Route maps are available.

4. Escape the crowds-go where the mood takes you.

5. A unique game-viewing experience.

6. Tents available for hire.

7. Discover a world excitement.

8. Your car will be waiting at the airport.

9. Each suite has basic cooking facilities and a fridge.

10. Breathtaking views from the snow-capped Himalayas.

11. Sun glistening on the white alpine slopes.

12. Experience the working life of the countryside.


2). Which holiday type did you experience? Did you like it or not and why?

3). Here are names of different four holidays. What do you think will happen on each?


1. Earthwatch 2. Eurobus 3. Adventure Nepal 4. Rural tourism in Spain


Your help is urgently needed now. The world is changing faster than ever before. Researchers are providing the data on which cru­cial decisions about our future will be based, but they cannot do it all on their own. That's where you come in. The funds that you contribute directly help the projects you join - but far more import­ant is your own insight, enthusiasm, and willingness to help get the job done. We will get you there and back safely, mostly comforta­bly, sometimes not, in some of the most fascinating company you're ever likely to meet, people of all ages and abilities. We guarantee it's an experience you will never forget.




NORTHERN NAMIBIA - The fate of the cheetah lies in the hands of the farmers here whose land it shares. You can help Laurie Marker-Kraus (Cheetah Conservation Fund) examine, tag, release, and radio-track cheetahs caught in farmers' traps, and aid her educa­tional campaign to show farmers the advan­tages of peaceful co-existence with the they love to hate.


Budget travel designed for 16 to 38s-hop on, hop off

This innovative concept in Europe utilizes modern coaches operating around predetermined circuits, taking in the most popular destinations. Coaches depart daily from all Eurostops. Consider the advantages:

* You can tailor your own itinerary by choosing a pass or passes which best suit your travel plans. Choose to travel just one zone, link up two, or if you have plenty of time take the All Zones! Take it fast, take it slow, it's up to you. From your first day of travel you have up to four months to complete your pass.

* You will be travelling with people from all parts of the world, a great opportunity to make new friends but also the opportunity to go it alone if and when you choose.

* Eurobus stops outside accommodation points in each city, including hostels, hotels, and during the summer months also drops at selected camp-sites.

* Eurobus has well-trained and experienced drivers and guides available to answer any questions you may have and to offer advice on the best sights to see, where to change money, all the small but important details which take so much time.

+ With your ticket you will be provided with information on how to make your Eurobus reservations, how to join Eurobus, and the pick-up and drop-off points in Europe.

Adventure Nepal




This action-packed trip will take you walking in the foothills of the snow-capped Annapurnas, rafting on the turbulent Trisuli river, and elephant-riding in the jungles of Chitwan reserve.

Kathmandu & Pokhara

After our arrival in Kathmandu, we'll be introduced to some of the city's ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples and shrines. There's also time to wander in its fascinat­ing bazaars at your own pace before we fly to Pokhara.

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