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Gerard's POV. We were in the city morgue

We were in the city morgue. Mikey was saying his last goodbyes to Erica. Frank and I had already said goodbye to her. After I'd set fire to Bob's pool house, we'd called the cops and informed them about what happened. The media somehow found out and came to Bob's house too. Bob's Mom had come out when she heard the pool house explode and we all filled her in on everything, after we'd put our masks back on. I'd brought Mikey his mask when Erica and I had originally set out to rescue him, knowing that if the media picked up on everything, he would need his mask.

So anyway, the media found out everything and were just as shocked as Bob's Mom to learn that Bob was Dr. Krustallos, Ray was The Executioner and that Erica was Hot Girl. After we'd finished up here at the morgue, we had to go back to the police station to see the Sergeant.

We all burst into tears as we saw Erica's lifeless form one last time as the morgue attendant zipped up the body bag on her. I hugged my brother and Frank as we all sobbed into one another's shoulders.

"I just want this nightmare to be over," Mikey spoke. I couldn't agree more.

Half an hour later, we were at the police station, sitting in the Sergeant's office as he had said at the crime scene that he wanted to talk to us. The Sergeant and The Mayor walked into the office shortly after we'd arrived. We all did not want to be there. We wanted to go home and forget about everything. We wanted to go home to comfort one another. Even though the timing was probably the worst, Frank and I wanted to reunite after being away from one another for the whole week. At least the sex could serve as a distraction from everything else that had happened.

"I want to thank you three and Erica for your amazing job in getting rid of Dr. Krustallos and The Executioner and making this town safe again. I understand that you've all just lost a friend and I would like to offer my condolences as well as help with anything you may need. If you need counseling, that can be arranged. If you need financial help, that too can be arranged. Lastly, I would like to hold a few public events dedicated to you. The first one I would like to hold is a state funeral for Erica. She was a true hero and deserves to be remembered by everyone. And the second one would involve giving bravery medals to the four of you," the Mayor said. I looked at Mikey. He was silent, tears traveling out of the bottom of his mask. Frank was playing with his fingers. I figured it was up to me to answer.

"That sounds fine. We're not really in the mood to discuss this right now. When we're ready to, we'll be in contact, but for the meantime, would it be ok if we could just go home and rest?" I requested.

"Sure. Definitely. That is absolutely fine. Take as much time as you need to contact me. There is no rush. I completely understand," he spoke as we stood up and left, none of us saying another word. When we got home, Mikey completely lost it. He sat in the middle of the floor crying his eyes out which set Frank and I off again. I tried to comfort Mikey as much as I could, until his tears subsided once more.

"I know it's gonna be hard for everyone, but I think we should watch a DVD. And if you want fish lips in it, then for tonight only, fish lips is allowed to star in the movie," I said.

Raise Your Voice with Hilary Duff, Mikey's most recent crush was chosen and we all watched the start of that which was a big mistake, because if anyone has ever seen that shit, her brother dies at the very start of the movie. So after 20 minutes of watching it, Frank took the disk out of the DVD player and snapped it in half. It was safe to say that Mikey's crush on Hilary Duff was probably now over. Instead, we watched Mean Girls. It served as one great distraction. Sure, in the slow parts our minds would all drift to Erica, but during some bits it distracted us from what had happened.

After the movie ended, Frank went off and found a skirt in his closet. He put it on and tried to re-enact the Jingle Bell Rock dance from Mean Girls. Mikey summoned a couch cushion with his hands and threw it at Frank.

"Fucking stop. That is not hot. It just reminds me of Erica," he said. staring at the floor.

"I agree. While you are hot Frank, skirts do not turn me on. I might be gay, but I'm not into male cross dressing. That's not saying I haven't done it. I just don't get turned on by it," I said, as Frank pouted and pecked my cheek. I could tell that he was upset by Erica's passing, but he was trying really hard to cheer both himself as well as Mikey and I up and made the mood a little less sombre.

Frank and I stayed up until Mikey went to bed. We knew he probably wouldn't sleep tonight. He'd probably lay there in his bed and think about Erica until the early hours of the morning when he decided to unpack his shit from the boxes he'd put it in. He was due to move into Erica's apartment in the morning. That wouldn't happen now. I doubted he still wanted to move into her apartment. Plus I wanted him to stay here so that I could help him and support him. I couldn't even begin to imagine if it had been Frank who'd died. Mikey would've been going through so much heart ache. Frank and I waited half an hour before deciding to go to bed ourselves. We undressed down to our boxers and hopped under the blankets, wrapping our arms around one another's as our lips collided. We continued to make out for ages, the kissing becoming more and more passionate. We were happy that we'd been reunited, but at the same time upset that one of our best friends had died. What we would do next would hopefully distract our thoughts from the shitty events that happened and would show just how much a week apart and one tragic event could strengthen our love for one another.


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Frank's POV. I continued to hold Mikey who was holding onto the corpse of my best female friend | Frank's POV. Gerard and I were making out so passionately
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