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The most reasonable approach to fashion

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Different attitudes to fashion:  
Those who care a lot Follow the very latest fashion. Wear brand new clothes.
…. but follow fashion blindly. Can look funny, ridiculous. Why? Example?
… and have a sixth sense about clothes. Fashion-conscious. Creative. Understand what fashion experts say. Well-dressed, smart, stylish, stunning . But it takes time, money and needs good taste.
Those who don’t care at all: Don’t attach much importance to fashion and appearance.
Those who can’t stand fashion at all. Conventional. Stick to their traditional ways of dressing. Disapprove of new trends.
Those who care about comfort first of all. It’s more important to dress comfortably than to dress fashionably.
Those who don’t care much An in-between type
… but have a good taste. Look elegant. Skillful at choosing and combining clothes. Have their individual style.
… and lack taste.   Buy the first thing they see. Often have a miscellaneous collection of different clothing items.
The most reasonable approach:  
Clothes can either improve our appearance or spoil it. Not all fashionable clothes are meant for everybody, so we should find the clothes that are right for us. Why? Don't just follow fashions. Choose clothes that will flatter your figure and suit you. Using clothing to your advantage gives you a feeling of confidence. Why?
Clothes should match each other and suit us. Good clothes often begin with the fit. Focus on the clothes that suit you and make your figure better. Find items that go well with each other and can be used in different combinations.
Don’t forget about your personal taste and style. Be yourself. Wear things in which you feel at ease. Examine your personal style. Which one is better for you (classic, artistic, office, romantic, casual, sport, etc.)? Don't be afraid to show your personality by using colour, unique clothing cuts or accessories. If you always try to stay in touch with the trends, but you don't find the clothes in fashion to reflect your style or then you shouldn't wear them just because they are fashionable. They can be so but if you don't like them or you think they don't characterize the way you really are then you should try to personalize them.
Choose clothes according to your age and status. Teenage clothes may look funny on a middle-aged person. There must be a balance between what you like and what you have to wear.
Clothes should suit the occasion. There is a dress code. Consider the activities you do and places you go. Dress suitably for each occasion. Choose items that can be suitable for different types of occasions.
Choose clothes that remain in fashion for several seasons. Many clothing items and styles go out of fashion long before they are worn out. Changing your wardrobe every season is rather money taking. But don’t forget to update your clothing regularly.
Don’t forget about the message your outfit sends to the people around. Your clothes say far more than you think. Before you choose your outfit for the day, think about how you want other people to see you and interpret your personality.
Clothes are important in creating the first impression about us. You don’t have a second chance to create the first impression. Clothes help you gain certain reputation.
Good looks are important to be successful. Well-dressed people get on in the world. Good clothes can open doors.
Clothes should be comfortable. It’s hard to look good without feeling comfortable.


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