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Task 3.

Task 2.


5.1 don't want my papers looked through.

6. She gave him some papers and said that the client wanted them signed.

7. Would you like your luggage carried upstairs?

8. I shall have your taxi kept at the door.

9. I shall have your things brought up and unpacked at once.

10. I meant to have this dress altered but I never did.

11. Have this carpet spread on the floor.

12. Ellen had her needle threaded for her as her eyesight was getting worse and worse.

Task 3.

1. We know these phenomena to occur spontaneously.

2. We have thought the above law to hold only for gases which are under normal conditions.

3. Scientists found the beta decay to transform a neutron into a proton.

4. Scientists expect fusion power to be unlimited.

5. Scientists consider this effect to be due to increasing the temperature.

6. We believe nuclear power to develop faster than other major energy sources.

7. We may suppose the alpha-particles within the nucleus to be in motion.

8. Einstein assumed the energy of a photon to be given by the expression E=hv.

9. We proved the protons to be emitted in a definite direction.

10. He wants them to express this relationship in terms of an equation.

11. I would like him to present regular facts rather than random ones.

12. We watched the temperature rise.

13. Can you see the volume decrease?

14. We observe the volume of a given mass of a gas decrease as the temperature decreases.

15. If one allows the air to expand, it will cool.

16. This procedure enables us to investigate the interaction of matter with protons, deutrons and neutrons.

17. Control rods allow operators to regulate the rate of the chain reaction.

18. The use of this technique permits more accurate calculations to be performed.

19. Neutrons can make uranium nuclei split.

20. What force causes atoms to combine to form compounds?

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