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Accountability, effort, pattern, requirement, accomplish, existence, consumer, foster, affect, establish, benefit, involve

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1. Create or set it up in a way that is intended to be permanent.

2. Help its development or growth by encouraging people to do or think about it.

3. Something that you must do or possess in order to be allowed to do some other thing.

4. The state of being real, alive, or actual.

5. Energy in the form of thought, action, time, or money that people use in their work.

6. It influences someone or something or causes them to change in some way.

7. Succeed in doing or finishing something.

8. Being responsible for and prepared to justify one’s actions.

9. A good result of something.

10. A person who buys things or uses services.

11. A particular, recognizable way in which something is done or organized.

12. To include somebody or something as a necessary part or use them in some way.


Ex.4.Make the following words negative. Use prefixes -un, -in, -mis, -dis, -ir,and so forth.

Human, existence, enable, realized, regard, responsible, careful, systematic, effective, mature, aware, understand, loyal, formal, direct, continuous.

Ex.5. Give the opposites to the following words. Use each of them in your own sentence.

Flexible, voluntary, to share, to adhere to, enjoy, confidential, consensus, versus.

Ex.6.Be sure you know the meaning of the words given below. Give their derivatives.

Existence, accomplishment, benefit, authority, obligation, responsibility, extend, consider, favour, perception, value, equal, assume, conscious.

Ex.7.Give the synonyms to the following words. Make up your own sentences to show the shades in their meaning.

To handle, to accomplish, goal, benefit, coerce, to achieve, to purchase, output, affect, to establish, to enhance, power.

Ex.8. Translate into Russian. Pay attention to the economic and business terms.

1 . Business is the production, buying, and selling of goods and services.

2 . A business, company, or firm is an organization that sells goods or services.

3 . A business is also may be referred to as an enterprise to emphasize its adventurous, risk-taking qualities, and business in general may be referred to as free enterprise and private enterprise.

4 . Large companies are referred to as corporations, especially in the US.

5 . Large companies operating in many countries are multinationals.

6 . An entrepreneur is usually someone who builds up a company from nothing: a start-up company.

7 . The people legally responsible for a company are its board or board of directors.

8 . When a private company is bought by the state and brought into the public sector, it is nationalized.

9 . When the state returns a company to the private sector in a sell-off, it is privatized.

10 . A holding or holding company is one that holds stakes in one or more subsidiaries.

11 . A holding company’s relationship to its subsidiaries is that of parent company.


What words and word combinations from ex. 8. do you consider to be economic and business terms? Explain what they mean.

Ex.9. Translate the following text in written form.

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