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Talk about a shot trip to Edinburgh and what you can see there.

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Great Britain is packed with exciting places to go and interesting things to discover – magnificent castles where history can be traced as back as Norman times; ruined forts built by the Romans; elegant stately homes filled with priceless treasures giving a glimpse of a grandeur past; fascinating cities with ancient houses and churches at every turn; seaside resorts with all the fun of the promenade; sleepy villages to wander around and beautiful countryside to explore.

Although you may think of Britain as England, it is really three countries in one. Scotland in the North, and Wales in the West, were once separate countries. They have different customs, traditions, languages and, in Scotland’s case, different legal and educational systems, all fought over with the English centuries ago, and even now not entirely resolve.

Britain is a deceptively large island and is surrounded by some varied – and very beautiful – coastline, which is worth exploring. Some of the best sandy beaches are washed by shallow Atlantic seas and overlooked by craggy, granite cliffs.

Scotland conjures up images of dramatic mountains, lochs, tartans, bagpipes and whisky. It is a land rich in royal heritage, with turreted castled, historical town and cities.

Landscapes in Scotland are breathtaking in their variety, and have sustained and inspired the unquenchable spirit of Scotland.

The soaring Highlands, with deep glens cradling jewel-like lochs attest to the drama and beauty of Scotland’s landscapes. Southwards lie high moorland, green rolling hills and scattered abbey ruins of the Lowland. The Scottish Isles belong to another peaceful and idyllic world.

If mountains, glens and lochs embody the scenery of the Highlands; clans, tartans and bagpipes are its essence.

The cities are just as diverse as the landscape. Edinburgh is a must on your itinerary. I suggest you the first day stay in Edinburgh and in the morning go on a coach tour of the city, just for half a day. On the coach tour you’ll see the castle, Edinburgh castle, which is very beautiful indeed, very impressive, and then, from there you’ll go passed the cathedral, St. Giles Cathedral, and the palace, Hollyrood palace. So that will be the castle, the cathedral and the palace, just from the coach. And then the coach goes through a New Town on the north side of Edinburgh. Then from there the coach goes outside the city, to two bridges that are over the River. Then the coach will come back from the bridges and it will leave you in the city centre. In the afternoon I suggest you going back to the castle and so you can spend the whole afternoon walking around the castle. You’ll have a wonderful view of the New Town that you saw in the morning. And you can see one of the bridges also.

The second day I suggest taking a coach tour outside the city. It goes right across Scotland to the west coast to a town called Oban. The journey is wonderful. It goes through lovely countryside, so it the weather is nice you’ll have lovely views. And in urban you can take a boat to have a bit of sea air and if you are lucky on the boat trip you should be able to see some seals. Then the coach will return to Edinburgh.

And if you have one more day, I suggest spending it shopping.

Scotland is a land so rich in diversity that it is only the beginning of your journey of discovery. But I do hope that it is a pleasant start – and a taste of things to come!


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