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Word Definition Translation Transcription
accommodation a place to live, work, stay, etc. in помещение; жильё; ə6komə'deiSən
advert (short form of advertisement) a piece of information about a product in a newspaper, magazine, etc. in order to sell it рекламное объявление, реклама 'ædvə:t
aim a result that your plans or actions are intended to achieve намерение, цель 'eim
appear to be published or broadcast появиться, быть опубликованным, «выложенным» в сеть ə'piə
approximately close to a particular number or time although not exactly that number or time приблизительно, около ə'proksimətli
assembly instruction smth that tell you how to put together the parts of a machine инструкция по сборке ə'sembli in'strúkSən
attractive very pleasing in appearance or sound, or causing interest or pleasure привлекательный ə'træktiv
be popular with to be liked, enjoyed or supported by many people быть популярным среди … 'popjulər wið
beauty the quality of being pleasing, esp. to look at красота 'bju:ti
benefit a helpful or good effect, or something intended to help польза, выгода, преимущество 'benifit
brand to give a particular name and image to goods and services so that people will be attracted to them and want to buy them разработать название и имидж товара brænd
cheap costing little money дешевый tSi:p
compact consisting of parts that are positioned together closely or in a tidy way, using very little space компактный, занимающий мало места kəm'pækt
consequently as a result следовательно; поэтому 'konsikwəntli
contact lenses small round curved pieces of transparent plastic which are worn on the surface of your eyes to improve your sight контактные линзы 'kontækt lenziz
coordinate to make various different things work effectively as a whole координировать, согласовывать kəU'o:dineit
deal an agreement or an arrangement in business сделка  
design to make or draw plans for something, for example clothes or buildings проектировать планировать di'zain
development when something becomes more advanced; the process of developing something new развёртывание, рост; разработка di'veləpmənt
digital showing information in the form of an electronic image цифровой 'didZitəl
disappointed unhappy because someone or something was not as good as you hoped or expected разочарованный, расстроенный 6disə'pointid
doctorate the highest academic degree in any field of knowledge докторская степень 'doktərət
economical using the minimum required экономичный 6i:kə'nomikəl
electronic gadget a small electronic device or machine with a particular purpose электронное приспособ-ление, «наворот» 6Ilek'tronik 'gædZət
exhibition when objects such as paintings are shown to the public, or when someone shows a particular skill or quality to the public выставка 6ek.si'biSən
fail to not succeed in what you are trying to achieve потерпеть неудачу, провалиться feil
failure when someone or something does not succeed неудавшееся дело, провал 'feiljər
(to) fit to be suitable for something подходить, подходящий fit
frequent happening often; common частый; часто встречающийся 'frikwənt
functional designed to be practical and useful rather than attractive функциональный, целесообразный 'fúŋkSənəl
furniture objects such as tables, chairs and beds, that are put into a house or an office to make it suitable for living or working in мебель   'fə:nitSə
give a report   представить отчет 'giv ə ri'po:t
go on sale become available to be bought, esp. in a shop поступить в продажу 'gəU on 'seil
government the group of people who control a country правительство 'gúvənməmt
hang up to end a telephone conversation повесить трубку hæŋ 'úp
have a sleep to sleep поспать sli:p
health the state of being well, free from illness здоровье helθ
(to) host to provide the space and other necessary things for a special event принимать (у себя какое-л. мероприятие) həUst
house to provide with or serve as accommodation вмещать, содержать haUz
independent not connected with or influenced by sth независимый 6indi'pendənt
industry the companies, activities involved in the process of producing goods промышленность, производство 'indəstri
instruction advice, information about how to do or use sth инструкция in'strúkSən
invention a thing or an idea that has been invented изобретение in’venSn
inventor a person who has invented sth or whose job is inventing things изобретатель in’ventə
invest to put money, effort, time etc. into something to make a profit or get an advantage инвестировать, вкладывать деньги, in'vest
item a thing or unit, esp. included in a list or collection отдельный предмет 'aitəm
(to) launch to put (a new product) on the market выпуск новых товаров на рынок lo:ntS
leave (left, left) to go away from a person or a place уходить, покидать, оставлять li:v
local from, existing in, serving, or responsible for a small area, esp. of a country местный 'ləUkəl
loss when you no longer have sth or have less of sth потеря, убыток los
low-cost economy country where the cost of living isn’t high экономика страны с невысокими ценами 'ləU'kost i'konəmi
maintenance the work needed to keep a road, building, machine, etc. in good condition содержание и тех. обслуживание 'meintənəns
major more important, bigger or more serious than others of the same type больший, крупный, главный 'meidZə
make a loss to spend more money than you earn нести убыток  
manual a book which gives you practical instructions on how to do sth or how to use sth руководство по эксплуатации 'mænjuəl
manufacturer a company that produces goods in large numbers изготовитель, производитель 6mænju'fæktSərə
market to make goods available to buyers выпускать товар на рынок 'ma:kit
(to do) market research the collection and examination of information about things that people buy or might buy and their feelings about things that they have bought (проводить) изучение возможностей рынка, маркетологическое исследование 'ma:kit ri'sə:tS
middle-aged being in the time in a person's life between youth and old age среднего возраста (о человеке) 'midl eidZd
millennium a period of 1000 years тысячелетие mi'leniəm
missing not included, often when it should have been недостающий, пропущенный 'misiŋ
negotiate to have formal discussions with someone in order to reach an agreement with them вести переговоры nə'gəUSieit
opinion the ideas that a person or a group of people have about sth./ s.o. мнение ə'piniən
(to) order to request (something) to be supplied or made, esp. in return for payment заказывать, заказ 'o:də
outdoor existing, happening or done outside, rather than inside a building наружный, вне помещения, на открытом воздухе 6aUt'do:
owner someone who owns something владелец 'əUnə
pay for sth to give money to someone usually for sth. which you want to buy, for services provided платить за что-л. 'pei
PC (personal computer) a medium-sized computer which is used by people at home rather than by large organizations персональный компьютер 6pi:'si:
petrol a liquid, used especially as a fuel for cars, aircraft and other vehicles бензин 'pet.rəl
population all the people living in a particular country, area or place население 6popju'leiSən
portable easy to carry or to move переносной ‘po:təbl
practical useful for general purposes практичный 'præktikəl
(to) print to produce a pattern on material or paper печатать print
product trial a way of persuading customers to buy a product by allowing them to use it for a limited time without paying опробирование товара, пробное использование товара 'prodəkt 'traiəl
public connected with ordinary people in society in general публичный, общественный 'públik
publish to make information available to people, especially in a book, magazine or newspaper публиковать 'públiS
purpose an aim; a reason; use or result or effect цель, назначение 'pə:pəs
put up to build строить, воздвигать 6put 'úp
range the goods made by one company or goods of one particular type that are sold in a shop ассортимент reindZ
recycle to collect and treat rubbish in order to produce useful materials which can be used again перерабатывать 6ri:'saikl
relax to become less active and more calm and happy расслабляться ri'læks
(to) report to give a description of something or information about it to someone сообщать, давать отчет ri'po:t
researcher a person who studies a subject thoroughly, esp. in order to discover (new) information научный работник; исследователь ri'sə:tSə
resident a person who lives or has their home in a place житель 'rezidənt
service a system or organization that provides for a basic public need услуга 'sə:vis
set up to start a new business, company организовать, учредить 6set 'úp
simple easy to understand or do простой simpl
site a place where sth is, was, or will be built, or where sth happened, is happening, or will happen место, местоположение, sait
sponsor a person or group that provides funds for an activity, organization спонсор 'sponsə
store to put or keep things in a special place for use in the future хранить sto:
stylish of a high quality in appearance, design or behaviour стильный, модный 'stailiS
successful having achieved a lot, become popular and/or made a lot of money успешный sək'sesfəl
take down to remove sth that is temporary, or to remove a structure by separating its different parts сносить, разрушать 6teik 'daUn
take part in to participate in участвовать 6teik 'pa:t in
team a number of people who do sth together as a group команда, группа ti:m
tent a shelter made of cloth, which you can fold up and carry with you палатка tent
top-selling very popular and selling more than other brands лидер продаж 6top 'seliŋ
toyshop a place where toys are sold магазин игрушек 'toiSop
try to use, do or test sth in order to see if it is good, suitable, etc. пробовать, испытывать trai
uncomfortable providing an unpleasant feeling and giving you physical problems неудобный, неуютный ən'kúmfətəbl
user-friendly if sth, esp. something related to a computer, is user-friendly, it is simple for people to use удобный для пользователя 6ju:zə'frendli
venue the place where a public event or meeting happens место проведения (какого-л. мероприятия) 'venju:
well-designed with a well worked out form or structure с хорошим дизайном wel di'zaind
worldwide existing or happening in all parts of the world всемирный 6wə:ld'waid


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