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Changes in the life

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It goes without saying that people in general can be divided into two types: those who challenge changes and those who try to avoid them. Unfortunately, not all people realize to what extent changes are important. After being accustomed to certain places or jobs, they feel so much comfortable that they do not want to destroy their adjusted lifestyle. However, such attitude to life may cause a number of issues that will affect negatively on their careers and personal lives.

First of all, in the world of globalization people who leave their countries have to adapt to a new culture and customs. Moreover, it may take a lot of time to get accustomed to the weather and new style of life, which may be completely different from where they had lived before. In my opinion, even food differs from one country to another. So people who get used to one type of food can’t eat any other one. For example, when I went to Japan, I could not eat their food and it took me quite a lot period before I started eating it. Nevertheless, I know people who had to leave Japan because they could not eat Japanese food. They gave up even without any attempts. As a result, they were deprived from all benefits that staying in Japan could have provided them.

Having said that people lose a lot if they are afraid of changes, I can’t ignore the fact that stable and predictable life never leads to high achievements in working career. In other words, employers promote only those employees who are capable of making changes in the company. Modifications are necessary factors that move company forward. To compete in business world, immediate changes are required. Therefore, employees may be left inattentive if they are not in favor of changes. Hence, they suffer in terms of career building.

In my opinion, those people who are against any changes should be understood and supported from the side of their immediate families, close relatives and friends. If these people see clearly what benefits they can obtain from changes, no doubt, they will start to be more optimistic and will probably eliminate any fear they have concerning changes. A further step would be to encourage such people to make small changes to get a complete adaptation.

To sum up, it is obvious that people want to secure their lives by ignoring changes. However, the price such people have to pay is very high and unreasonable. Often people have unsuccessful careers and lack common sense. However, they can be helped by their families and friends.

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