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Read the dialogues in pairs, noting the most essential patterns of asking and accepting help.

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  7. Глава 1. Asking Questions

This is the dialogue between Anna Smirnova, a Russian teacher of English, and Bernard Law, a London University lecturer. Anna is leaving London for Edinburgh next Saturday morning.

Anna: Bernard, could you do me a favour?

Bernard: Yes, sure. I'll be glad to if I can.

A.: Next Saturday morning I'm going to Edinburgh by car. What cities would you advise me to see on my way there?

В.: Well, it's going to be a long journey. When are you expected in Edinburgh?

A.: Next Tuesday afternoon.

В.: Then you should try to see Northern England with Manchester, Leeds and Bradford and Midlands with Birmingham, Coventry and Sheffield. They are the most northwest industrial cities.

A.: Do you know what they are famous for?

В.: Well, the wool industry is centered in Bradford and Leeds. Other industries of these cities include the making of locomotives, agricultural implements, heavy iron and steel goods of all kinds, chemicals, glass, leather goods, artificial silk and pottery.

A.: And what about Manchester?

В.: You see, it's the centre of cotton industry with a population of nearly one million. The University, of Manchester, founded in 1880, is famous for its modern studies.

A.: Ah... that's worth knowing. And I've heard that the district of Birmingham is known as the Black Country. Is it really so heavily industrialized?

В.: Oh, sure. It is a land of factories and mines and it owes its importance to iron industry. Iron goes to the steel, heavy machinery and shipbuilding industries of Newcastle and other cities.

A.: I wonder do they transport all these goods to other cities and countries? As far as I know Birmingham doesn't have outlet on the sea-coast and doesn't stand on any great river.

В.: You're right. The nearest port is Liverpool - the main port of western England. It is first in Great Britain in export and comes second after London in imports. But most of the goods are transported to London and then distributed to different parts of the world.

A.: Oh, I'm afraid I've taken up too much of your time. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.

21. Speak about:

а) the industrial cities of Great Britain

Sheffield - steel industry; Manchester - textile industry; Clydeside and Belfast - ship-building industry; London and Liverpool - important ports; Birmingham - the city of 1500 industries.

b) agriculture

agriculture – 4/5 of the land; main branches – dairy-farming; wheet and barley; milk and products; employment – one million people; a number of products – to be imported.

c) the main branches of industry

old industries – coal, textile; ship-building; main deposits – coal and iron; new branches – motor cars, radio and television sets; today exports – machinery, electrical goods, vehicles.


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