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Read and develop these conversations.

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1) - I'm looking for a new job, sir. - What exactly do you want? -I wouldn't mind working in a pub. - Have you done anything like that before? - Well, I once did a bit of serving... 2) -I wonder whether you need any part-timers. - What kind of work were you thinking of? - A hotel job or some sort. - Have you ever done anything similar? - Not so far, no. I'm more or less straight from school but I'll do my best because...
3) - Do you have any vacancies for full-time staff? - What do you mean (have in mind) ? - Something in the building industry. - Have you had any experience? - Actually, I'm a civil engineer by profession and I enjoy my job, but...   4) - I’m looking for some flexitime job. - Are you aware of the fact that flexitime doesn’t mean working just when you want? - Well, to be true – not. What is flexitime then? - You should work within certain limits, say in our company it is from eleven to three and you have to do enough hours each month.

24. Find out about your group-mates' and other people's occupations.



Model A: - What do you do for a living? - Actually, I don't work yet. I go to Harvard University and study management. - Why have you chosen management as your future profession? - Because it's a demanding and prestigious job today. Model В: - What do you do? - Oh, I want to take up computers. - Why do you want to study computer programming? - Well, I lost my job last month and haven't been able to find another one.
Model C: - What's your present job, Jully? - I work as a personnel manager at a big firm but I want to transfer to the International Sales Division. - What for? - Well, I don't really like to work at the cabinet. I just want to travel, to go to Africa or Latin America, for example. - Hmm, that's exciting Model D: - What would you like to be, Phil? - Actually I don't know yet. I think I'd rather be a writer. - Are there any special reasons for that? - I see only one: I like to see my name in print.


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