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Task 2 Multiple Intelligences Survey

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TASK 1: Find out what kind of job is the mist appropriate for you.


Take an online test:



Take this fun interest inventory to help point you in the direction of some IT Careers you might like better than others. This is not intended to be a definitive instrument for use in career guidance. There are no right or wrong answers, just circle the answers that best describe you.

The inventory is divided into two sections. Section I asks you questions about your learning preferences and personality style. Section II asks you questions to help you think about multiple intelligences. You can take just one section or both sections.





  • can deal with lots of change
  • problem solves on-the-spot
  • negotiates
  • troubleshoots
  • develops art or tinkers with equipment
  • practical
  • finds resources to get a job done







  • Digital Media and Web Development
    • design graphics and layout and interactive media for web pages
    • design and maintain web sites
  • Technical Support
    • respond quickly to help others solve computer problems
  • Database Developer and Administrator
    • help people design systems for tracking of lots of different kinds of information on the computer
  • Computer programming/Engineering
    • write programs in computer languages that instruct computers to do certain tasks
  • Also consider Technical Support jobs in television, live presentations or theatre.
    • trouble shoot technical problems onsite





Task 2 Multiple Intelligences Survey

Plot your scores on the bar graph on the following page.

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
Section 6
Section 7
Section 8
Section 9


Section 1 - This reflects your Naturalist strength
Section 2 - This suggests your Musical strength
Section 3 - This indicates your Logical strength
Section 4 - This illustrates your Existential strength
Section 5 - This shows your Interpersonal strength
Section 6 - This tells your Kinesthetic strength
Section 7 - This indicates your Verbal strength
Section 8 - This reflects your Intrapersonal strength
Section 9 - This suggests your Visual strength



Task 3 . Write comments on three intelligences with the highest score


  Strength MY score Comments/A suitable IT job
Section Musical strength       Strength in this intelligence suggests that you are skilled in the performance, composition and appreciation of music. You might like expressing yourself through music.
Section   Kinesthetic strength     Strength in this intelligence suggests that you may work well with your hands developing products or tools. You may be particularly good at dance, acting or athletics.
Section   Verbal strength   You are sensitive to spoken and written language, and have good ability to learn and use language to accomplish your goals. A high score in this area implies an ability to express ideas in a logically structured sequence. The higher your score, the more likely it may be that you are able to represent abstract information logically.


Task 4. Explore careers in Computer Science with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required. To learn more about Computer Science, Technology Literacy follow the related links below the career descriptions section.



Find information on the most appropriate job for you:


The most appropriate job for me is ……………………………………..





Find more information about the job:


Education and training:   There is no real educational path to follow to become a web developer, however, there are some college and university programs which could help an individual become a web developer. Courses in web design, Internet development, computer science, engineering and business will all be useful to prospective web developers. Most college programs last between one and three years. Web developers can also do some practice work on their own. Individuals may also develop their own web site or volunteer to create a site for a school or non-profit organization. This is a good way to gain experience before starting classes.
Workplaces/companies/employers     Web developers work for companies with websites or interests in the information found online. They can also work independently, and contract out their services, or work for a web design firm. They usually work in comfortable environments, either offices or their homes, and spend hours at the computer screen. They can often set their own hours, and usually work alone, or with a small team of computer and Internet specialists.
Typical tasks/job responsibilities    
  • Design websites
  • Maintain and upgrade websites
  • Post database information on sites
  • Run tests to ensure web programs and computer systems are working properly
  • Find and correct faults in websites
  • Prepare reports on sites
  • The typical day for a web developer will involve working with computers, analyzing, developing, and implementing web sites and web-based programs. They will research websites, as well as maintain and upgrade older sites. The job doesn't allow for much travel, as most of the work can be done from home or a head office, unless you consider endless voyages along the information superhighway traveling.
Earnings/salary     $29.946 – $77.316
Career opportunities   Anyone familiar with the Internet will be able to work as a researcher, web designer or webmaster, or consultant, to name a few job prospects. They can get into other aspects of computer programming, like software development, operating systems, and database programming. They can apply their knowledge to journalism, or desktop publishing. Web developers can become educators for those who want to learn to surf the internet effectively and efficiently.
Interests and Skills     Successful web developers need to have lots of experience with hardware, software, and computer systems and processes. They must know about programming languages and techniques. They should have a genuine interest in computers and computer capabilities. They should be methodical, logical, patient, careful, and accurate. Web developers should be adaptable to new things, and work well under pressure. They must be organized, and able to work on a number of projects at once. They need to be a good communicators, and be able to work well with others, as well as independently. They must also enjoy working indoors. A head for business and design are two useful skills for those wanting to work as web developers.


Quiz: Finding a Perfect Job





I. Find 5 best computing companies to work for.


1. Adobe 2. Apple


3. Google 4.Intel


5. Microsoft

2. Find 5 most profitable computing companies.


1. Microsoft 2.International Business Machines


3.Cisco systems 4.Hewlett-packard



3. Find 5 biggest computing companies.


1. IBM 2.Hewlett-packard


3. Verizon Communications 4. Dell


5. Microsoft




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