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Okay, so heres the deal. A fact of life Ive just proven. Everyone believes rock bands live in this sick little world, where all the band members get stoned, drunk, and laid, curse and argue, and every day is like this big ol party?

Well, its true.

They rehearse, of course. They worksome of the time. But holy shit, do these people know how to party. Even Trombone Guy, Violin Guy, and Piano Guy are hitting the booze tonight.

Party animals.

The whole lot of them.

You wanna drink? Violin Guy offers, but when I say no, I watch him simply shrug and leave with his buddies, the Harpist and the Flute Guy¸ instead.

Really, all I want to do is go to my room and order a burger and French fries, but were supposed to be partying, and the cameras are making sure not to miss a single moment of the stupidity happening here.

I even begin to wonder if some of it is purely for marketing purposes.

Hanging close to a cameraman so he wont tape meIm sure Im wearing my most sour, tart faceI spot Mackenna by the beer pong. The amount of alcohol around here is mind-boggling. Body shots all over the place. Beer pong, drinks, booze, drugs. Even a shisha is going around.

I might try that if I were with my friends. Mel and Brooke, Kyle . . .

As it is, I wont drop my guard for a second, especially with Mackenna Jones nearby and a thousand cameras around us. Imagine me drunk? With Mackenna nearby?

I might kill him.

I might . . . well, hes so disgustingly male, I might feel him up while I kill him.

His lean arms are resting on the table as he waits for his opponent to throw the ball into his beer cup. His opponent happens to be one of the twins, and after he fails to make his shot, Mackenna smoothly dumps the ball into his cup, laughing while making the VikingI think its Lexdrink.

Yeah, those two are pounding the booze.

I want to stop staring, but I cant. Mackenna laughs out loud a lot, and the sound easily reaches my ears even though Im across the room.

Hes changed in all these years. Hes still got that aura of a boy, but hes so much a man now. I cant stop cataloguing the differences. His jaw is squarer and slightly shadowed. Fuller lips. Thicker throat. Hes got muscles on his arms like theres no tomorrow. Hes just so tan and . . . man. I watch as he waits for Lex to throw the ball into his beer cup again.

Then I notice that a dancer, Letitta, keeps eyeing me maliciously. She cranes her neck out like a mean bird as she comes to me. Im disappointed to see the cameraman follow.

She hovers by my side and signals in the direction of my gaze.

Hes such a good fuck. Her greedy, beady little eyes slither over Mackenna, and, wow, her smile is just like I imagined Cruella De Vils right before she skins the fucking puppies.

An evil feeling crawls through me when I realize she, of course, has fucked that body in far more ways than I ever, in my stupid innocence, could have. I force a smile onto my face and twirl my pink strand of hair as I say, I know, I broke him in. I start to leave, but her voice stops me.

You think you look cool and badass, but you dont. Not really.

Thanks. Ive been wondering what you thought about me. Now I can go rearrange my whole personality to suit you. I look at the guy behind the camera, whos grinning like hes just struck gold, and I try to keep my cool, even though my anger is simmering under the surface of my skin.

She scrunches her face up until she looks like a little gremlin. He hates your guts, girl. I swear the lyrics of Pandoras Kiss just needed to add the fact that he wished you dead. Why would he even look at you, if not to break you right now?

I laugh. This kind of laugh, Im actually used to. The kind that means Im the opposite of happy and mirthful. He already broke me, theres nothing to break anymore, and when I reglued myself, I made it a priority not to put the heart back in. So its cool. Thanks for worrying about me. Your concern is touching.

She jumps ahead of me and grabs one of my arms. And yet you keep staring at him like you think hes yours. Hes not.

Let go of me unless you want me to punch you, I warn.

Wow. Youre just like a man, arent you, she says.

Hey, Tit, Lex calls, coming over to her and eyeing us both as though sensing were about to have a real live catfight, right here. Im surprised he didnt ease back and enjoy the view.

Maybe he isnt such a douche bag after all.

Tits face switches in an instant from angry-gremlin mode to sweet-coquette mode as he comes over. He wraps his arm around her waist and kisses her on the mouth. God, I cant believe these guys just pass around a woman like that.

Or actually, I can.

But I cant believe they call her Tit.

I turn away when I catch Mackenna surveying me with a strange kind of proprietary gaze. Red plastic cup in hand, he starts walking over, and a ball of nervousness fires up in my belly as he approaches. Will you puleeze stop making me nervous, asshole? I want to yell.

Making friends already? he says with a smirk.

This smirk is different, though. Almost as if hes displeased with Tit, which is ridiculous.

And suddenly I remember how, on the weekends after Thanksgiving, Id escape with him. I remember us going to the ice rink, the day snowed in and cold. Wed watch guys making ice sculptures and wed skate, and I loved to press close to him because he was always so warm and strong and steady on his feet. Wed see the frozen ice, stiff and white. Id put on my skates, line up my boots, walk unsteadily into the ice. Then Id slide over it, and hed circle me like he was born on it. My Ice Man with silver eyes and warm skin and the worlds most perfect lips. Muscled and strong, it was always so easy for him to reach out and spin me like a top. And then hed stop me from spinning with a hug, hold me close, and lift the ears of my cap so he could whisper, Youre so hot youd thaw this whole ice rink within hours.

My heart melts a little as I remember, and I try to reach for the ice I need to guard myself against him. Hes no longer the boy I skated with, hid with, and thought myself in love with. Hes a famous rockstar who plays with women. Me being the first of legions and legions of others.

What? No reply? he asks me. To be honest, I dont remember what we were even talking about, but his lips quirk and he adds, Not so sure about yourself when youre not armed with vegetables? Theres a playful challenge in his eyes, that bad boy gleam that still makes my pulse skittish.

Kenna, do you want a cupcake? one of the dancers asks as she comes over and nearly decorates his face with it.

Not now, he tells her, shoving the offering away, his eyes homed in on me. His alluring voicehis chiseled cheekbones, that twinge of charged airis torture to my girly parts. Tor-ture. I feel a little drunk from having the attention everyone wants.

More drink? she presses hopefully, offering her red cup to him.

That catches his attention, and he stares at the red cup. What you got there?

I dont intend to stay here and watch this poor girl embarrass our sex in this way, so I head off in search of Lionel. I need my room key.

Leaving the party early? Mackenna calls as I leave.

I direct my answer to Lionel, who Ive spotted, instead, watching the manager put his whiskey down as I reach him. Im tired. If its okay with you, I already gave a juicy tidbit to one of the photographers. I point at the blond guy.

Noah? Good. Appreciated. He flips a key out. Weve got the entire floor. Theres a communal media room that will be open in the presidential suite. Some food storage closets in the hall.


It takes me a while to make sense of the rooms. This is an extended-stay hotel, so the rooms are more like apartments. I hear footsteps behind meshuffling, then giggles. It sounds like Tit and Lex, making out, but Im not sure. I dont bother to turn around. The urge to get away from whoever is behind me hits and on impulse I grab the next doorknob and it opens, so I peer into pure darkness.

Before I realize its some sort of closet, the door slams shut behind me and a celebration ensues just outside.


Fucking perfect.

Theyve locked me in here. Just like Mackenna predicted, Im being hazed. Damn, I hate him being right.

I press my ear to the door, straining to hear them outside. Theyre still out there, and I hear giggles combined with male whispers. Sighing, I look around the closet and wonder if Im going to sleep in here. Its a four-by-four space and not long enough to take me stretched out on the floor. So, what, Ill sleep sitting? All fucking night? No. When they leave, Im going to try to unlock this sucker.

Minutes pass until, suddenly, they grow mysteriously quiet. I sense them still out there, waiting for something.

But what?

Then I hear the voice. Even though its muffled, I know exactly who it belongs to, because all the little hairs on my arms rise to attention.

Fuck no. Please. Anyone but him.

What did you fuckers do? Mackenna growls under his breath. When nobody answers him, he adds, What? Is she in there, you pricks?

Hell, I dont know. Why dont you check and see for yourself, dude? one of the twins answers.

Theres a cackle.

And then I hear the low, sensual, male sound of Mackennas panty-wetting, heart-melting, toe-curling chuckle coming closer. Seriously? Youre such assholes.

He gets the door to open and there he stands, those eerie silver eyes fixed on me. And they are on me. Like a touch. Doing things to my heartbeat that I dont like but I cant stop. Theres a tattoo on his forearm, a ring on his thumb, a thousand leather bracelets on his wrist. His lips curl, and I hate the feeling I get, like a bell chiming in the pit of my stomach. I especially hate the little tingle I get when he stretches out his hand.

Hey, he says as he studies me with amusement. Told you, didnt I?

He talks to me good-naturedly, with one sleek eyebrow up high, and I feel a flush creep up my body as I stay rooted to my spot, bravely battling a surge of unwanted lust and old, familiar anger.

I want to get out of here, but I dont like that he gets to play the hero.

Laughter rings out behind him, and before I can take his offered hand or brush snottily past himwhich is what I was actually planning on doingLex and Jax shove him and, suddenly, all six feet three of Mackenna is crashing into the closet.

The door slams shut behind him. Woo! Remember seven minutes in heaven, Kenna? Lex shouts against the door. How about seven hours in hell, dude!

They start humming Pandoras Kiss, and anger rushes through me. I fist my hands at my sides and close my eyes, praying for retribution one day.

Sounding bored as could be, Mackenna replies, Very funny, douche bags, and turns to grab the knob just as theres a loud screeching of heavy furniture being dragged across the floor outside.

Are they seriously blocking the door? I ask, trying to sound bored as well, but in actual fact, Im alarmed. They are seriously locking me in here?!?!?! With Mackenna?!?!?

This is beyond hell. So far beyond I dont even have a term for it, but the closet already smells of . . . man. Man-wolf, and alcohol, and . . . ugh!

True panic floods me when I hear more screeching. The guys seem to be piling chairs against the door and jamming them against the doorknob. I mean, what the fuck?

After the screeching, theres a bang. Careful, Kenna, she bites! one of the twins calls out, laughing again.

Mackenna swears under his breath and jiggles the doorknob. Their laughter intensifies, so he stops trying and turns around. The light that seeps in under the door causes attractive shadows to hit his profile as he looks at me. All right, Im not giving the assholes the amusement they want.

I raise one eyebrow in an are-you-serious gesture.

He raises his eyebrows in an Im-deadly-serious gesture.

I bite the inside of my cheek and slide down to sit on the floor, sighing dramatically.

He drops down too, and suddenly its so much more cramped in here. Hes so near. His thigh is all against mine. Hard as rock, and its having an unwanted effect on me. This is the nearest Ive had him since . . .

Hell, I dont know, my brain cant get past his thigh. Against mine. Being this close to Mackenna, and his fucking X factor, is pure torture. My female parts are as responsive to him as the rest of the world is. My lungs feel leaden as I try to breathe, but every breath smells of him, and his eyes glow in the dark as he studies my profile in the silence.

The air feels charged between us. I feel awkward, like I want to say something. I guess wed better start fighting. So I open my mouth.

Dont fucking ruin this, he says in a voice thats low and commanding.

Startled, I snap my mouth shut.

But my anger resurfaces when he leans forward and a strange surge of anticipation runs through me. Come any closer and youll find my knee in your balls, I warn.

He stops advancing and laughs softly. Youve been thinking of my balls, havent you?

Only how much Id like to chop them, slice them, and add salsa to them.

And have them against a nice juicy taco. Hmm.

Ohmigod! Youre disgusting!

I try to push him, and he catches my hands in his warm ones, making me gasp when he pins them over my head, against the wall. Outrage bubbles in my veins. I feel so trapped and helpless, and suddenly my heart is going a mile a minute, pumping in my throat. A crazy, wild wave of lust follows my outrage.

God. Seven hours of this?!?!

I groan in protest. The sound of my groan seems to do something to him, because he tightens his hold and weighs even more heavily on me. All two hundred pounds of muscled him. Our eyes hold each others in the darkness, and the electricity rushes through me as I warn, Let go.

You dont mean that.

I struggle futilely, and he tightens his hold. I nod. Yes, yes I do. I do mean it. But he transfers both my wrists to only one hand and leans his head against mine. The thundering of my heart echoes in my brain as his breath bathes my face. Oh god, hes so close, and Ive dreamed about being this close, in dreams and nightmares, during the day and during the night . . . Ive dreamed of his eyes and how I used to find them always staring at me through those thick lashes of his. Id dream and think of his lips. The top one shaped like a bow, almost as full as the bottom, the bottom one so plush and curved . . .

And then he kisses me, placing that mouth on me, cupping my head in his free hand, and parting my lips with the same lips I hadnt realized Id been staring at in painful hunger. The unexpectedness of his kiss makes me struggle halfheartedly to wrench free. I dont want to want this. I dont want this soul-searing thirst, the dreadful, inescapable feeling that Ill break if he kisses me and Ill break if he doesnt. I whimper, as though it would make him have mercy on me. He doesnt. He groans softly and tries slipping his tongue into my mouth, and when I part my lips and let him taste me because Im clearly out of my mind, suicidal, and horny, I make a sound I havent ever made in my life. More than a moan or a whimper, a sound of true, quiet pain. He pulls back when I do, and so do I.

We both stare, in shock.

Asshole, I hear myself murmur, breathing hard.


He looks at my lips, and my sex squeezes in reaction as he lowers his head and covers my lips again, more viciously, with his own groan of pleasure.

For a fraction of a second, my body is a trembling mass of contradictions. My hands have not touched any man. Only a boy. Seventeen. Before he got the tattoo that peeks on the inside of his forearm. Before he became larger than life, a star, before he grew up to be this man.

One second, Im a woman with a thousand walls, who rarely touches anyone or allows a hug. In the next, Im six years younger, and hes the guy I let in. I dont want that girl to take over, but I live in her. This is her skin, and nobody can make it tremble like he does.

Im not only trembling, I feel like Im burning from the inside out. A hot, quivering mess of desire under his lips. The same lips that sing crap about me, hurt me, haunt me, somehow remain the most beautiful lips Ive ever seen, felt, or tasted. God. Tasted.

In a sudden frenzy I grab his shoulders, my tongue pushing hungrily into his mouth, my hips rolling toward his. God, I hate this fucking asshole.

I hate him for making me feel like this after all these years.

But my hands have a mission. Memorizing the texture of him. The feel of him. How hes changed in six years. Hed been long and lean before and now hes longer and harder. Smoother. Bigger. No more teen limbs, now hes all thickness of a man, and though my arms are now free to roam, my head is trapped under the weight of his kiss. And I cant get enough of his hot, wet, thirsty, mean, dirty, delicious mouth!

Hell, I cant unleash all my anger in just this kiss.

I cant express what he has done to mehow he has ruined my lifewith just this incredible, pulse-pounding, life-altering kiss.

I want to bite and claw at him, kick and scream at him, take his cock in me and ride him until he cant walk!

The bastard.

I want to hit him while I kiss him, curse him while I kiss him, push him the hell away from me while I kiss him.

I want to . . .

I just WANT.

As though channeling our frustrations and anger into this one kiss, we keep rubbing tongues almost ferally, rubbing our bodies against each other in as much anger as lust. He leans forward, grabs one of my thighs, and hooks my leg around his hips, still nearly kissing my lips off as he aligns his erection to my cunt, our sexes scraping through our jeans. One big palm cups my breast, and his thumb swipes across the hardened peak, to and fro, shooting angry sparks through me.

His hand slides under my T-shirt and I make a noise in the back of my throat as I slide my fingers under the fabric of his shirt as well, touching the smooth, bare flesh beneath. Its harder than ever, the grooves of muscles hard and defined under my fingers, rippling as our bodies shift to get closer, our mouths remaining fused.

He winds his arms around me and sits back, adjusting me over him so my nipples brush against his chest as he pulls his mouth free and looks first at me, then at my swollen mouth. His face burns with a harsh, animalistic passion.

You havent been kissed in a while, have you?

Oh god, it cant be that obvious. Thats none of your business.

It is my business. And Im making it priority business.

Need slams into me at the possessiveness in his tone. His grip tightens on me, quieting my denial. You havent been fucked in a while either, have you?

No, but I dont want you, I grit out.

God, hes like a sexually charged nuclear weapon about to detonate me.

Dont be petulant, he whispers softly, smoothing a hand down my hair. Do you want me to fuck you? he asks. I can taste him on my tongue, and my panties are drenched with arousal.

This wont be for the cameras. His voice is deathly sexy in an Im-so-ready-to-fuck-you way, his breath a warm gust of air against my throat as he nuzzles me like hes mad about me. Like hes Dracula and Im Mina, and this little foray into the closet? This will be our undoing. This is for mefor you and me. I need to fuck you out of my system. Well play whatever game they want, but well have our own game. I dont want this on film. Our lives are on film, but this cant be in it. Do you understand me, Pandora?

Please excuse me, but my brain is in a fog of lust and I cant think straight. Wha . . . but how are we going to . . . ?

Shh. Ill find a way. My muscles start quivering as he reaches between our bodies and I hear the rasp of my zipper.

He eases his hand into my jeans, his eyes glowing. Have you been thinking about this?

Fuck, considering that at one point yesterday I wanted to lick the tomatoes off him, YES! But I refuse to say it, refuse for him to know. I swallow back a moan when he slips a finger inside my sopping wet pussy and rasps, Yes, as if answering himself.

He rubs my insides, and it feels so good, I arch for him.

Hes smiling against my temple, because of course he knowswe both knowIm drenched. And swollen from arousal. And god, it feels so good, but my pride is smarting because Im so wet. I fight the desire he makes me feel, and I put my hands on his shoulders, battling within myself and gathering the strength I need to push him away. But then I realize . . . he owes me this. He fucking should pleasure me until I cant get enough. So I grab the back of his head and start kissing him again, groaning softly when he does the same, his mouth taking control of mine. His skull is round, perfect. His tongue works its magic on me as I feel the knowing strokes of his finger rubbing me inside.

Part your legs. Lift your shirt so I can suck on those tits.

If you want it, lift it yourself, I huskily reply, still clinging to my pride.

He laughs darkly. His hips move against my body in a punishing roll that makes me gasp, and he groans at the stimulation as though he could get off just dry humping me.

Do as I say, damn you.

My head falls back as I pull my shirt up to my neck. He yanks my bra down and hooks it to the underside of my breast, then latches on to one puckered nipple. I am in full-blown arousal and pumping to his finger, moaning as he sucks my nipple. God, what is this? Id forgotten this. How he consumes me. Delights and moves me.

Im so aroused Im in agony when he peels his mouth and his fingers away for a moment. Then he takes my hand and I hear a zipper, and I feel pure, hard, smooth cock in my palm as he shoves my hand into his jeans. Oh fuck, you want me bad, I cry.

Work me, honey, he urges softly. I try. Really I do. But hes pumping into me with that magic finger and his mouth is fastened onto my other nipple, and I am so close. Im moaning mindlessly when the snickering starts outside. Crashing back to reality, I pull my hand out of his jeans as we hear screeching.

Shit! I say.

Mackenna groans. Fuck them to hell!

Get up! I cry as I leap to my feet, slip my shirt back on, and try not to look like we were just making out in this closet.


That was the most incredible seven minutes of my fucking life!

I stand on wobbly legs and have just finished adjusting my shirt and hair when the doorknob turns. When they fling the door open, the outside light burns my eyes.

So, Kenna? What the fuck, man? You teach her whos boss?

I wonder if hes moping on the floor because he didnt get to come, but I dont get to worry for long. He brushes past me, fully composed. Oh, she knows all right, he says in a husky murmur, his buzz cut hair perfect, his entire demeanor as attractive as every rock gods should be.

The twins snicker, and I tip my chin up as I walk past them down the hall, aware of the girls who are with them staring at me. When I turn, I see both of those girls embracing Mackenna, whining, You dont really like her, do you?

He grabs their asses and squeezes. Nah, I just like pissing her off.

He looks back in my direction, his eyes still so ravenous theyre burning holes through me, and Im so angry at what I just let him doput his hands on me, his tongue in me . . . god, I was about to jerk him off in the closet!

My whole body tightens in anger as I storm into the room, slam the door, scan for something to throw, then just grab the pillow and scream.



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