Mackenna. Im in makeup. Sitting in a stupid chair, playing with a lighter while Clarissa, my makeup and hair artist

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Im in makeup. Sitting in a stupid chair, playing with a lighter while Clarissa, my makeup and hair artist, draws kohl under my eyes.

Lets go with a streaked white-and-silver wig today, to match your eyes, she says. Itll make the black leather jacket and pants pop more.

Not wearing a wig today.


Yeah, dont feel like role-playing today. I ease the wig off my head and curl a hand around my skull. With my eyes kohl-darkened, the silver of my irises is brilliant in the mirror. My diamond earring glints. I feel like kicking ass, but I also feel like theres a girl out there in this world kicking my ass.

And I still dont know if shes coming.

She looked away when she said she would. A sure sign shes lying.

But fuck, I cant think about that now.

On the outside, shes a bluffershe always has been. But I know the girl within. I fucking know what she hides. A heart big as an ocean.

A heart that says, Mackenna. Fucking. Jones.

So, Leo said you asked him to get in touch with her? Lex asks from his seat, getting his makeup done as well.

Shes not answering her phone. I flick the lighter and watch the flame, then let it die before flicking it on again.

Think shell be here? Kind of boring without her now.

Shell be here, I lie. At least I have to pretend she will be, because when I go out there tonight to sing my new song, its her I want to be listening. Please just come to my damn concert, Pink, and then well figure out what to do with you and me . . .

I swear, this girl has done a number on me my whole life. When I was sure she loved me, she ditched me. When I was sure she wanted nothing to do with me, she comes to my concert and sends a bunch of tomatoes flying at me.

I sure as fuck dont know what to expect of her, but I know Im not a seventeen-year-old without a future anymore. Im Mackenna fucking Jones, and Im going to damn well have her if I want her.

And I want her, all right.

Im restless, tired, wired, but most of all, Im craving the taste of her. The feel of her. I need to get her in my bed, where she protests less, and keep her dazed. Dazed from her orgasms. I need to strip her of her clothes and her bravado until shes trembling in my arms. Until she forgets to curse and tease me because shes so busy moaning for me to fuck her harder.

I cant deny shes the best sex Ive ever had.

But its not just because shes a fucking goddess, because she is. A dark Medusa, Im under her spell, and all I want is to be in her. And I love being in her because I love her.

The way she smells.

The way she smiles like she doesnt want to but cant help it.

The way she kisses with all that angry passion inside her.

The way she goes to pudding in my arms, but as soon as were done puts up her bitch act just to bring out my asshole, and force him to give her bitch another tumble . . .

Shes been giving herself physically, but thats not enough for me anymore. I can grind against her, force her to take every inch of my dick. I can grasp her arms by the wrists, keep her pinned, and make her cunt devour me.

And still it wont be enough.

I think about it happening. How the scene will play out. What Ill do to her. What shell do to me . . .

Kenna, shell moan. And she wont be any hotter than she is, because she cant be. Because shes perfect.

And still, Ill want to hear the words.

I wont be gentle with her, but I dont think shell want me to be. Ill suck, lick, feel her twist with desire, the ripples of her body around mine.

Shell tremble as I suck her tit, trembling still as I spread her thighs apart. Shell thrash under me, rocking up to my body the way she doesgreedy, hungry, like shell fall apart if she doesnt get me in her. Like my dick is all that holds her together. Her nipples will grow red and puckered from my kisses, and Ill give them a rest and go to her mouth, until shes flushed and gasping too. Saying it.

Saying what I have been dying, for years, to hear.

I will watch her lips form the words.

Three. Only three.

Because Ill still want them.

Her lovely face, pure white in the dark. Those rounded shoulders, plump breasts, her perfect ass, and hot, wet, delicious pussy lips. All of that, mine for the taking as she says,

I love you . . .

And when that happens, Ill hold her in place. Shell toss her head as I hold her immobile, and theres no way she wont know whos taking who. Her nails will rake into my back as I dive into her heat, telling her again and again that I feel the same way. That shes the only one for me. Showing her with my hands, my lips, my body, shes the one for me.

What are you doing if she comes? Lex presses, snapping me back to the dressing room. I toss the lighter aside and rise to my feet as I slide my bare arms into my leather jacket.

Ill be waiting.

And if she doesnt?

Then Ill be hunting her down.


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