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Every Cloud Has Its Silver Lining

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The father was reading the school report which had just been handed to him by his hopeful son. His brow was wrathful as he read, "English — poor, French — weak, mathematics — poor," and he gave a glance of disgust at the son. "Well, dad," said the son, «It's not as good as it might be but have you seen that?" And he pointed to the next line which read "Health — excellent."

Exercise V.Read the jokes and reproduce them in indirect speech.

1. — Is that Nora? asked Willy.

— Yes, Nora is speaking, asnwered the girl.

— Marry me, Nora, and marry me quickly, he pleaded.

— Yes, I will, — was the reply, But who is speaking?

2. — Must I stick it on myself? asked a lady who had bought a . postage stamp.

— No, madam, replied the counter-clerk, "It's much better to stick it on the envelope."

3. An intelligent small boy was asked by a well-meaning fatuous passenger, "How old are you?" "I'm four," replied the child. "I wish I were four," observed the passenger gravely. The child replied with calm practicality, "But you were four once."

4. A schoolboy said to his father, "I can prove to you by arithmetic that those two chickens are three." "Oh!" said his father, "how

do you manage that?" "Well, this is one, and that is two: and one and two make three," answered the boy with a smile. "How clever!» exclaimed his father. Then your mother shall have the first, I'll eat the second and you can have the third."


Постепенно нисходящая шкала ударных слогов может быть нарушена, если по смыслу необходимо выделить одно из промежуточных слов. Некоторое повышение тона на ударном слоге выделенного слова сопровождается дальнейшим постепенным понижением тона последующих слогов. Например:

Exercise I. Read the following sentences.

1. Tom had a bad fall. 2. I heard him play at the Albert Hall. 3. Didn't he tell us he knew nothing about it? 4. Didn't they promise to tell us at once? 5. Would you introduce me to that interesting brother of yours? 6. I left in such a hurry. 7. I feel for him the greatest admiration. 8. His last concert was a tremendous success. 9. It's the early bird that catches the worm. 10. Ten cooks spoil the broth.

Exercise II. Prepare the story for test reading. Find the sentences with Accidental Rise.

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