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WORD STUDY. Ex. 1. Find words in the text to complete the following expressions.

Ex. 1. Find words in the text to complete the following expressions.


money rules . . . a money economy based on . . . medium of . . . since time and effort are . . . money performs . . . a store of . . . a temporary store of . . . the function of regulating . . . the euro in many . . . over the course . . .

Ex. 2. Match the words and their definitions.

_____ price a) a medium of exchange that functions as legal tender
_____ a debt b) to trade (goods, services, etc.) in exchange for other goods, services, etc., rather than for money
_____ bond c) the act of buying and selling goods and services either on the domestic markets or on the international markets
_____ currency d) something that is owed, such as money, goods, or services
_____ wealth e) an institution offering certain financial services
_____purchase f) the cost at which anything is obtained
_____ bank g) a metal or paper medium of exchange that is in current use in a particular country
_____ money supply h) something that is bought with money
_____ money i) a large amount of money and valuable material possessions
_____ trading j) a certificate of debt issued in order to raise funds
_____ barter k) the total amount of money in a country's economy at a given time

Ex. 3. What are the opposites from the text of the following words?


to buy ________________________ complicated ___________________ false _________________________ cheap ________________________ to lose ________________________ late __________________________ old ___________________________ past ___________________________ to save _______________________ answer _______________________ expenditures ___________________ final _________________________ demand _______________________ poverty ________________________ rough _________________________ civilized _______________________

Ex. 4. Replace the words in italics by synonyms from the text.


to make equivalent swaps _______________________________________

to make trading process more effective _____________________________

in under-developed societies______________________________________

a car owner who wants to sell a car_________________________________

time and effort are rare resources__________________________________

money is a store of wealth ________________________________________

to buy things in the future_________________________________________

an individual may keep $470______________________________________

gold, jewels, houses, paintings are other forms________________________

depends on its abilityto retain_____________________________________

guaranteeing monetary stability____________________________________

Ex. 5. Put one of these words or expressions in each blank.

inherit, well-off, pocket money, food bill, charities, live on, buy, luxuries, spend, in bulk, money, earns, donate, credit cards


1. I _____________ about $2000 a year on clothes.

2. I think there will be enough money for the next generation to keep the house, but they

won’t _________________ much more than that.

3. As a child I used to get only $3 dollar a week ____________________.

4. If you have a big house, people think you must be ________________, but it just isn’t true.

5. My monthly ________________ came to about $500, and towards the end of the month we

had beans on toast three nights out of seven.

6. He ____________ $36,000 per annum.

7. We always buy food _________________ so it’s cheaper.

8. He generally gives $50 a month to animal ________________, but he doesn’t ____________

to beggars wearing $150 trainers.

9. I have four __________________, but one is never used.

10. I never buy ____________________.

11. I can _______________ $40 a week.

12. He is always worrying about _________________.

13. Sometimes when I get wild I go and ________________ something just to cheer myself up.


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