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With your partner, match the following descriptions to the correct sections

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a) this section is responsible for the goods that the company produces, once they have been

produced. It has to make sure the company doesn't have too much (because then money is being

wasted) or too little (because then the company can't fulfill orders and will lose sales)


b) this section is responsible for trying to find and create new products that the company can sell,

and for improving or modifying old ones.


c) this section is responsible for making sure that the equipment in the factory is working properly.


d) this section is responsible for looking after the goods the company produces. It has to make sure

that all the goods are properly arranged so that they don't get damaged and are easy to find.


e) this section is responsible for making sure that high standards in production are maintained.


f) this section is responsible for buying all the raw materials that a company would need for its

production (i.e. the things that the company needs in order to be able to make its own products

e.g. metal, coal, etc.).


g) this section is responsible for finding out what the consumers think (e.g. about the company's



h) this section is responsible for hiring new staff,


i) this section sets out the strategy for the company.

j) this section is responsible for making sure the company's products get to the right place at the

right time.


k) this section has to think of ways to make people buy more of the company's products e.g. "Buy 2,

get 1 free".


l) this section makes sure that everyone gets paid the right amount at the right time.


m) this section is responsible for making sure that the company's debtors pay the company when

they are supposed to


n) this section is responsible for making sure there is enough stationary, that the telephones are

working properly etc.

Ex. 7. Who would I ask to in order to resolve the following problems:

· I work in production. There’s been a sudden increase in orders. We don’t have the necessary steel to meet this order.

· I work in Office services. There’s been mistake in my pay-cheque.

· I work in Sales. The photocopier in the department is starting to cause lot of problems.

· I work in the Mail Room & I am bored with my job. I can type quite well & I’d like to change my job within the company.

· I don’t work in this company. I’m a very experienced industrial scientist & I would like to work in this company.

· I work in Accounts. We’ve run out of computer printing paper.

· I work in Sales. Recently, I’ve had a lot of complains from retailers about the quality of our new product.


Ex. 8. What company structure is better for:

1. a big automobile plant

2. private grocery shop

3. a small branch of a tourist firm

4. airline company

5. research department of a big company


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