Reporting special questions.

  1. A Special Washing Machine
  2. Answer the following questions.
  3. Answer the questions.
  4. Answer these questions.
  5. Eating healthily on special occasions
  6. Ex. 3. Learn the following medical terms which can be helpful for reporting a sick person's condition.
  7. Exercise 20. Answer the questions.
  8. Exercise 31. Read the text to find answers to the given questions.
  10. Here are two sets of questions. Work with your partner and answer these questions.

1.How many bedrooms are there? Sally asked Mrs Mawby.

2.When do you want to move in? Mrs Mawby asked Sally.

3.What sort of heating is there? - Sally asked Mrs Mawby.

4.How often do you want the rent? Sally ased Mrs Mawby.

5. How far is it to the shops? Sally asked Mrs Mawby.

Card 18

Put the verb in the correct form, Past Simple or would.

  1. If I ( live ) in the country, I ( have) a dog.
  2. If I (have) a lot of money, I ( not work )
  3. I (go ) to the party, if I ( not be ) so busy.
  4. What you ( do) if someone ( give ) you a million pounds?
  5. If I ( be ) you, I ( look) for another job.

Card 19 Reporting statements

1.Its a quiet flat, and the neighbours are nice.

Mrs. Mawby said __________________.

2. The rent includes gas and electricity.

She told me that ____________________.

3.I decorated my living room recently.

4. Youll have to make up your mind soon.

She told me ________________________.

5.You can move in immediately.

She told me________________________


Reporting general guestions

  1. Do you smoke?- She asked me _________.
  2. Is there a phone? I asked her __________.
  3. Do you have a car? She asked me ____________.
  4. Can I move the furniture around? I asked her ___________.
  5. Does the flat have central heating? I asked her ____________.



Join the following pairs of sentences using the conjunction in brackets. Change one verb form into the Past Perfect.

1.I read the letter. I threw it away. (when)

2.I didnt go to bed. I did my homework. (until)

3. I read the book. I saw the film. (before)

4.I spend all my money. I went home. (when)

5.He past his driving test. He bought a car. (as soon as)



Every sentences has mistake, rewrite it correctly.

1.I should have practise more before our last match.

2.Careful! You should has dropped that discus on my foot!

3. We really must have win because we played so well, but we lost.

4.I dont know where Laura is. She might has missed the bus to the stadium.

5. Tom cant have win the high jump! Hes too short!



Make sentences withused towhich show how things were different.

1.The houses are very expensive.

2. The streets are noisy.

3. There is so much litter on the streets.

4. The car parks are always full.

5. Andys changed. Hes so miserable.


Put: Been or gone

  1. Ive ____ to most countries I Europe, but Ive never ____ to Russia.
  2. Where is Ann? Shes ____ to work.
  3. You look very brown. Have you _____ on holiday?
  4. ( Sign outside shop) _______ to lunch. Back soon.
  5. Can I speak to Mr. Thompson, please? Im afraid hes just ___ out of the office.



Complete the following sentences in a suitable way.

Includehave to, has to, had to.

1.Youve got some pills from the doctor. Youthem three times a day.

2.Why are you late? Sorry, I to the bank and there was a queue.

3. Remember, when you drive in England you on the left.

4.Thanks for a lovely evening. Henow or hell miss our bus.

5.Can she go and see the doctor when I want? Well, usually she an appointment, unless its an emergency.



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