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Air-conditioning systems

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While trying to figure out a way to solve a printing company’s humidity problem, thе young engineer Carrier invented mechanical air-conditioning. Thanks to this invention printing company avoid paper absorption of moisture from air. Carrier designed a machine that blows air over artificially cooled pipes, this controlled both humidity and temperature.

There are several types of air conditioning units: unitary, pachaged, window, portable, central, split, ductless systems and so on. Now I give you observation of each other.
Packaged air conditioners contains all parts in one package. Can be mounted everywhere you want, roof or wall. This type one of the most common of industrial air conditioning system because it`s designed to cool huge areas.
The split system breaks the air conditioning system into two packages or terminal units and refrigerant tubing passes through the wall connect both package units.
Evaporating coolers are great for hot dry locations because the add humidity to the air. They can`t lower the temperature substantially.

Window air conditioner units are one of the cheapest types of air conditioners and usually they condition a single room.
Portable air conditioning units are real alternative to everybody who doesn’t want to mount permanently air conditioning system .The main advantage is they don’t have to be mounted add they easy to transport .The main disadvantages are that they noisier and less affective then the other types.
Central air conditioning it is quiets best performing and most comfortable there are real risk in that the system be sized appropriate for our home.
Air conditioners use chemicals that easily convert from the gas to a liquid and back again. The machine has 3 main parts compressor condenser and evaporator. The working fluid arrives of the compressor a cool low pressure gas and after compressor working fluid looks as a hot high pressure gas and flows into the condenser. Condenser looks like metal fins it is for quickest dissipation of heat. When the working fluid leaves the condenser its temperature is much cooler. The liquid goes into the evaporator through every tine now hole. On the other side the liquids pressure drops. The liquid changes to a gas and evaporates it extracts heat from the air around it. The evaporator also has metal fans to help in exchange the thermal energy with the surrounding air. By the time fluid leaves the evaporator and it is repeated again.


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