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Answer the questions about passages III and IV.

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1. What does the economic system of the USA differ from? 2. What is the American system based on? 3. What was the USSR system based on? 4. When did Karl Marx live? 5. On what two things is the British system based? 6. What economic system is the British system similar to? 7. Who can own property in the US and Britain? 8. What must British and American citizens obey? 9. What three things can Britons and Americans use as they wish? 10. Under what conditions is the person economically free? 11. What is the opposite of “simple”? 12. What are all citizens are required to do?   13. Why does complete economic freedom of action cause great difficulties? 14. What three things might happen if citizens were completely free? 15. What kind of economy might complete economic freedom create? 16. What three workers’ needs are sometimes the concern of the law? 17. Between whom are contracts arranged? 18. What else might the laws relate to, besides workers’ needs and work contracts? 19. What other important point should we note about laws related to economic conditions?

Say if these statements are true or false, and why.

1. Economists say that a man is economically free if he can do what he wishes with his own property, time and energy. 2. Governments usually require all individuals to conform to the laws which they make. 3. Complete economic freedom of action does not create many difficulties. 4. If citizens were completely free, some landowners and factory-owners might act in unsatisfactory ways. 5. Complete economic freedom could lead to economic anarchy. 6. Anarchy is a satisfactory and desirable thing in any economic system. 7. Laws related to economic conditions are sometimes concerned with the health of employers. 8. Government policy does not depend on the political and economic ideology of the government. 9. Some ideologies are biased towards labour and others towards capital. 10. The economic systems of the US and the Soviet Union are the same. 11. In the United States the means of production are privately owned. 12. Karl Marx was an eighteenth century economic thinker. 13. The British economic system is based on the principles of Karl Marx. 14. Because Britain has a system of private enterprise, we can say that its economy is similar to the American economy. 15. Capital is essentially surplus income used for new business activities. 16. Individual citizens in Britain and the United States have complete economic freedom. 17. British citizens can choose what they want to do as long as they obey the law.


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