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Working on the text. Task 2. Put the animals into the correct category.

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Task 2. Put the animals into the correct category.

wildlife - animals that live in natural conditions

domestic – animals that live on a farm

pet – animal that you keep at home

cheetah, monkey, cow, dog, penguin, pig, horse, giraffe, lion, sheep, tiger, cat, parrot, rabbit, guinea pig, deer, hippo, elephant, hen, octopus, emu, rhino

wildlife domestic pet

Task 3.Find in the text the English equivalents of the following:

гуманные и надлежащие условия; защита от неблагоприятных воздействий окружающей среды; питание и уход; правила ввоза и вывоза; действительный международный паспорт животного; ветеринарное удостоверение; инфекционное заболевание; разрешение на ввоз; порода.

Task 4. a) Give the Russian equivalents of the following:

b) Explain the meaning of the underlined expressions:

- must be provided

- regulations that must be complied with

- are prohibited entry by law

- must be obtained well in advance

- relaxed the requirements

- to apply for an import permit

- the pet is fit to travel

- regulations are in effect

Task 5. Match left and right to make word combinations:


licensed conditions

suitable vet.

valid disease

healthful cage

infectious regulations

strict certificate


Task 6. Answer the questions:


1. What conditions must the owner provide for his pet?

2. Are there any regulations in respect of import and export of pets?

3. Is it necessary to obtain import permit for the pet every time you travel abroad?

4. How long does the quarantine usually last?

5. In what case can pets visiting Great Britain enter the country?

6. What documents must a person have to take his dog / cat out of Russia?

7. Must the dog / cat be vaccinated before or after the departure from Russia?

8. What animals are prohibited for import and export?


Task 7. Study an International Pet Passport and complete it for your pet.


  МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЙ ВЕТЕРИНАРНЫЙ ПАСПОРТ ДЛЯ СОБАК INTERNATIONAL VETERINARY CERTIFICATE FOR DOGS ________________ (photo)   ВЛАДЕЛЕЦ СОБАКИ OWNER OF THE DOG   Имя и фамилия Name ______________________________________   Адрес Address ____________________________________ ____________________________________________ ОПИСАНИЕ СОБАКИ DESCRIPTION Кличка собаки Name of dog ________________________________ Дата рождения Пол Date of birth __________________ Sex _________ Порода Окрас шерсти Breed _________________ Colour _____________ Вид шерсти / Особые отметины Cout type / Distinguishing marks ____________________________________________ Заводчик / Имя, фамилия, адрес Breeder / Name and address ____________________________________________  


Вакцинация против Vaccination against БЕШЕНСТВА RABIES Подписавшийся ветеринарный врач подтверждает, что собака, указанная на стр.2 (на фото) настоящего паспорта, была им вакцинирована против бешенства и что перед вакцинацией она была подвергнута клиническому обследованию и признана здоровой. The undersigned declares herewith that he carried out vaccination against rabies of the Dog described on page 2 and the vaccinated animal was examined clinically prior to inoculation and found to be healthy.   Дата Вид вакцины Подпись ветеринарного врача и печать Date Vaccine used Signature and stamp of veterinary surgeon  
ВЕТЕРИНАРНОЕ УДОСТОВЕРЕНИЕ Собака, указанная на стр.2 настоящего паспорта, в день выдачи этого удостоверения была мной обследована, и у нее не было установлено ни инфекционного заболевания, ни симптомов инфекционного заболевания. На протяжении последних ______ месяцев перед выдачей настоящего ветеринарного свидетельства не было сигнализировано ни одного случая заболевания бешенством ни в месте содержания животного, ни в его окрестностях в радиусе _____ км.   VETERINARY CERTIFICATE OF HEALTH On the date issue of this certificate of health I examined the Dog described on page 2 and found no signs or symptoms of contagious disease. There have been no certified cases of rabies in the locality of origin or within a radius of _____ km.   Официальная печать Дата Подпись государственного ветеринарного врача Official stamp Date Signature of State Veterinary Surgeon  

Text 2

Task 8. a) Read and translate the text.


Missing marmosets, alligators, penguins: thieves are targeting Europe’s Zoos and safari parks to supply animal collectors who want to own more exotic species. Conservationists say the practice is harming animals, threatening vital breeding programs and adding to an already flourishing illegal trade in exotic birds and animals.

We live in a designer world and people are not satisfied any more with a budgie or a canary, they want something rare. The more exotic or endangered the animal, the higher the price. For example, one rare hyacinth macaw is worth $45,000. British zoos have suffered a major theft every week for the past few years involving dozens of animals worth thousands of dollars.

Conservationists say that the demand for exotic animals will put further pressure on wild populations, which thieves have already targeted for years. At the meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) they discussed how a vast trade in exotic birds – both legal and illegal – has decimated populations of African gray parrots, prized for their ability to mimic human speech.

Zoo thefts made headlines last when a 3-month-old penguin Toga was stolen from Amazon World Zoo Park on the Isle of Wight, off southern Britain. He was never found. His parents Kyala and Oscar mourned the loss for several weeks. The manager of the Park thinks that Toga must have been stolen to order by professionals.

There are casual thefts too. Once, a man abducted an alligator from a zoo in central England and took him to a party to impress his friends. Then he left him on the doorstep of a pet shop.

But the problem is that these animals are not tame and you need to know how to handle and care for them or they may die.

Many zoos are now increasing security and some are tagging and chipping their animals.



b) Make a glossary. Choose seven words to remember.

c) Answer the questions:

1. What endangered species are mentioned in the text?

2. What does CITES stand for?

3. How can Customs authorities help to protect wildlife?

4. What do you think about the people who collect exotic animals?


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