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Высшее образование в России.




be situated - располагаться

fisheries – зд. рыбная промышленность и хозяйство

rename into - переименовать,

generation - поколение

campus = academic town - университетский городок

cover - охватывать

hostel - общежитие

medical aid centre - зд.медпункт

be held - проводить (собрание, конференцию)

assembly hall - актовый зал

up-to date = modern - современный

swimming pool - плавательный бассейн

be trained - обучаться

teaching staff - преподаватели

master – магистр, зд.кандидат наук

extra-mural = correspondencestudent - студент- заочник

time-table - расписание

undergraduate = student - студент

attendance - посещаемость

obligatory - обязательный

fail in exam(ination) - провалиться на экзамине

attempt - попытка

submit course paper - защищать курсовую работу

graduate - зд.студент последнего года обучения

defend diploma project - защищать дипломный проект

work out - разрабатывать

superviser - руководитель

postgraduate - аспирант

bachelor - бакалавр


Astrakhan State Technical University is situated in one of the most picturesque places of our town, not far from the great Russian river Volga.

Astrakhan Institute of Fisheries was founded in 1930. It was planned and built as a single and separate complex. In 1994 it was renamed into Astrakhan State Technical University. Several generations of students studied within the University, the graduates of the University have been working for a long time already.

A lovely academic town of the University is situated on a beautiful parkland. The University campus covers a large territory (over 13 ha). The University campus consists of 7 teaching buildings including administrative block, hostels, stadium, a medical aid centre and a club-house, etc.

Various conferences and meetings are held in the Assembly Hall situated in the main building. Here you can find Director’s, Deans’ and other offices. Teaching blocks have up-to date lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories, a computing centre and libraries rich in books.

The University possesses 8 halls for residence, on the territory of it you can see cafes, shops, sport centre (was built in 1983) with indoor swimming-pool, halls for tennis, basketball, etc.

There are 8 faculties and Institutes at our University. There is a Preparatory faculty and a department of correspondence as well. A lot of students, including foreign ones, are trained in different specialities at our University.

Director (or Rector as it is called in Russia) is at the head of the University, while the work of the faculties and Institutes is headed by Deans. The teaching staff of special and academic departments consists of very experienced lectures and assistants (820 members), capable of giving their knowledge and experience to students. Most of them are Masters and Doctors of science.

The full-time students of the University have a four- or five-year course of studies, while the extra-mural students study for 6 years.

The academic year is divided into two terms, each term (semester) ends with the winter and summer exams sessions. During the term students have to attend lectures, seminars and practicals according to the time-table. They also make reports, do laboratories and graphical works according to the basic programme. The first year students study such traditional disciplines as mathematics, chemistry, physics, history, foreign languages, etc. In the third year students begin to study in depth the subjects connected with their future speciality. The attendance of lectures and seminars is obligatory. At the end of each term undergraduates get prepared for the credit tests and examinations. Those who fail in an exam are allowed to take a second attempt.

The third-and-fourth-year students submit course papers in some special subjects. Graduates have to take final exams and defend their diploma projects worked out with the help of their supervisors. On graduating from the University students are awarded special certificates- diplomas; some of them who carry out research work become postgraduates of our University.

Young people mainly choose our University because it provides everything to train qualified specialists: lectures in accordance with the latest theoretical and practical data, psychological seminars and trainings; practical experience on boards the largest ships. Those graduates who receive a Bachelor’s degree are welcome to take a Master’s one.


Exercise 1. Match the left-hand column with the right-hand column and read them out:

special subject главный корпус

academic town учебный год

teaching block иностранный язык

academic department учебный городок

main building общеобразовательная кафедра

academic year курсовая работа

foreign language степень бакалавра

course paper учебный корпус

Bachelr’s degree предмет по специальности

Exercise 2. Give English equivalents of the following words and phrases:


располагаться, быть основанным, выпускник, охватывать (территорию), чудесный, медпункт, актовый зал, деканат, хорошо оборудованные лаборатории, плавательный бассейн, подготовительный факультет, ректор, преподаватель, лектор, студент заочного отделения, учебный год, практическое занятие, зачет, посещение лекций, обязательный, провалиться на экзамене, выпускные экзамены, диплом, подготовить специалистов, практика на борту судна, степень бакалавра.

Exercise 3. Answer the following questions:

1. What University do you study at?

2. When was it founded?

3. The University campus covers a large territory, doesn’t it?

4. Why did you enter this University?

5. Who has encouraged you? Your school teacher or your parents (friends)?

6. What can you say about teaching buildings and administrative block?

7. Do you live in Astrakhan? You live in a student’s hostel, don’t you?

8. What was the most difficult exam in your entrance university examinations?

9. Was the competition tough at your University?

10. How many faculties and Institutes are there at your University?

11. Who is at the head of the University?

12. Many experienced lecturers and assistants from many countries of the world are working in ASTU now, aren’t they?

13. What is your favourite subject?

14. Is the attendance of lectures and seminars obligatory at your University?

15. Have you got any difficulties with English? Why?

16. Do you pay for your tuition? Do you get state grant?

17. Does your University provide sport facilities for every level?


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