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Answer the questions

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1. What are the characteristics of the formal language?

2. What are the characteristics of the informal language?

3. Why is it so important for the writer to analyze the audience?

4. What helps the writer to connect with and to persuade the audience?

5. Do you know any techniques to win the audience immediately?

Task 13.Choose the correct words out of the given list to answer the following question: «When planning a paper addressed to or pertinent to a certain audience what factors are you to consider identifying the audience? ». State your point of view.


the audience’s age, hobbies, marital status, sex, social status, level of education, special interests or needs, profession, nationality, knowledge of French, weight, cultural or racial background, family members, feelings and attitudes, relationship to you, occupation.

Task 14.Read and translate the sentences (A – F). Decide what style they belong. (1 – 6)

A) Consequent to the appreciation in the exchange value of Sterling against other currencies, necessary fiscal measures were introduced by the government in order to reduce the likelihood of an import-led consumer spending surge. 1) Jargon, very formal. This is the style of language used in official reports, technical studies, etc. It is exclusively a style of written English, full ofverbal nouns, technical words and passives.
B)After the international value of Sterling rose, the government was obliged to take fiscal measures to reduce the likelihood of a surge in consumer spending led by cheaper imports. 2) Written style for the general public, discourse, scripted radio or TV news style.
C)As the value of Sterling increased compared to other currencies, the government was forced to take tax measures to head offa rapid increase in consumer spending spurred on by cheaper imports. 3) Relaxed, informal spoken style: discussion. There is plenty of use of prepositional verbs.All actions are now expressed through verbs, not verbal nouns
D)As Sterling's international value went up, the government had to take tax measures to head off a consumer spending boom spurred on by cheaper imports. 4) Relaxed, simplified, chat, very informal spoken style;Note the addition of repetition and fillers.
E)As Sterling went up in value, the government had to put up taxes to stop consumers splashing out on too many cheap imports. 5) Formal spoken style - radio, seminar, talk.
F)And you see, Sterling went up and up in value, so as a result, the government had to go round putting up taxes, you see, to stop everyone going out and splashing out, spending all their cash on cheap imports. 6) Written, formal, clear.

Task 15.Fill in the gaps from the following list, the words should be used more than once: written, spoken, formal, informal.


1) ________ and 2) _________ versions of a language use different styles, different registers. To talk in "3) ______ English" may be no more appropriate than to write using a "4) ________" variety of English. Generally speaking, 5) ________ English is always more 6) _________ than 7) _______ English. Nevertheless, there are 8) _________ forms of 9) ________ English (notably in fiction and in the popular press), and 10) ________ styles of 11) _______ English, in particular "discourse", or prepared speech.

Task 16.Read the text and answer the questions

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