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Check the meaning of the words in the box

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  1. A) Practise using the words and word combinations in bold type to make other comparisons between some two-four regions of Russia. Write your best sentences down.
  2. A) Put the words in brackets in the correct places in the sentences.
  3. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  4. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  5. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  7. B) Think of situations or microdialogues consisting of a statement (or a question) and a reply to it using the words mentioned above.
  8. C) Match the words and pictures. Some words are extra.
  10. Check list to module 6


buffet curriculum department environment graduation paper scholarship study of strength of materials teacher tutor  

  • 3.



  • 2. Read and translate the text

Text № 1 “Our University”

1.I study at the Tyumen State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. It was founded in May 1969 on the basis of building faculty of the Tyumen Industrial Institute, and began the activity in 1971. So, it has more than 30 years’ history.

2. There are five faculties at the University now:

- the Road Engineering Faculty

- the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

- the Economics and Management Faculty

- the Faculty of Engineering systems and structures

- the Distance Education Faculty.

My faculty is ………..… .

More than 8000 students attend lectures at our University.

They are trained 23 technical specialities.

3.At the head of the University there is the Rector – Chikishev Victor Michailovitch.

He has some vice-rectors responsible for different academic and students activies.

4. At the head of each faculty there is a dean.

The dean of my faculty is ……….. .

5. There are 26 chairs here. Qualified tutors deliver lectures and teach the students. During the lectures students take notes. At present there are nearly 300 tutors at our University.

6. Curriculum includes Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Foreign languages and special subjects such as Organization of Building Process, Building Materials, Study of Strength of Materials, Automobile Roads, Water-Supply and Sewerage, Economics, Management and others. The study of theory is accompanied by laboratory or practice lessons. There are two terms in every academic year. At the end of each term we take our tests and exams.

7. The students have good opportunities to study well. There are many laboratories with modern equipment. The classrooms are beautiful and light. There is a large library in the university, it has studies-, science- and art-departments, three reading-halls, an information and bibliography department, a computerized library and an innovative-methodological department. There is also a multi-media hall.

8. During breaks students can have a snack. There are 2 buffets, canteen, and pizzeria at our University .

9. Students of a day-time department, who study well can get scholarship, depending on marks.

10. Social life of students is also varied. We have a variety of circles, sport sections. There are a student’s club, student’s trade union, newspaper “СтройАк”, building group, design-studio, rescue squad, intellect club.

Students take part in different performances and get a lot of prizes.

11. Every group has an individual tutor. He is an educator of student collective who helps students to adapt to a new environment. There is a psychologist at our University. Every student can get a psychological help.

12. The training course lasts five years. At the end of the study all students submit a graduation paper and take state exams.

13. I like to study at our University.

I want to become a highly qualified and educated specialist.

After graduation from the University the specialists will work in different fields of the national economy and construction.

· 3.Grammar focus

The Passive Voice Form be + Past Participle Present Simple: They make this cheese in France. The cheese is made in France. Past Simple: He broke the window yesterday. The window was broken yesterday. Use:when the person or thing doing the action is obvious or important EX. The house was built in a month. - when the person or thing doing the action is not known EX. Stonehenge was constructed in about 3000 BC. - to describe how something is made or how it works EX. Glass is made from sand, soda and limestone

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