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EXERCISES. I. Paraphrase toe following, using some of the patterns above:

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I. Paraphrase toe following, using some of the patterns above:

Pattern 1: 1. It is not often that our mother goes to the theatre. 2. It is not often that our students can listen to native English speech. 3. She very seldom can afford to get herself a new dress. 4. They cannot afford to spend their holiday at the seaside. 5. He can never refuse helping his comrades.

Pattern 3: 1. It is bad manners to stare at people. 2. The teacher said it was impolite and rude to hand in homework written carelessly. 3. "I say, Turner, I don't like the way you treat your comrades. It's too bad." 4. My mother said that it was too bad to let her do all the work alone. 5. It is wicked to hurt animals. 6. "You have come unprepared again. It is unpardonable," said the teacher.

II. Describe toe following situations in one sentence, using Pattern 2:

Example: In such cold weather it was easy for the child to catch cold, if he went for a walk. That was the cause of the mother's fear.

The mother was afraid that the child might catch cold if he went for a walk in such cold weather.

1. She worked very little during the term, and it was quite possible for her to fail at her examination. We all told her so. 2. It was hardly possible to let the boy stay at home alone. He could make trouble if he did. We all knew that. 3. She worked too hard, and her friends were afraid that it would result in her falling ill. 4. The mother wanted the boy to become a great pianist, and so she made him practise day and night. 5. We wanted to go and see our sick friend, but the doctor didn't allow that saying that there was a chance of our catching the disease.

III. Supply adjectives:

1. It is dangerous to keep the windows ... during a thunderstorm. 2. She kept her door ... and didn't let anyone in. 3. Put the lemonade in the refrigerator to keep it.... 4. The epidemic was at its height, and all the doctors of the town were kept.... 5. I put the tulips in the water to keep them .... 6. Keep your eyes ... and your mouth ... . ?. This fur coat is sure to keep you ... in any frost. 8. What is the teacher to do to keep his pupils ...?

IV. Translate the sentences into English, using the patterns:

1. He годится обижать младших. 2. Нам почти никогда не удается выбраться за город в выходной день. 3. Я говорила тебе, что ты можешь заболеть, если промочишь ноги. 4. Не давайте пациенту спать, пока не придет врач. 5. Нехорошо пользоваться телефоном для глупых шуток. 6. Займите детей и не давайте им шуметь, пока я разговариваю по телефону. 7. В такой жаркий день надо держать окна открытыми. 8. Нельзя курить так много, ты подорвешь свое здоровье. 9. Джон написал своему другу, что он возможно навестит его в следующем году.

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