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Word Combinations

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to boil meat (potatoes, cabbage, to fry bacon, eggs, potatoes,

eggs, water, milk, etc) fish (cod, perch, pike, had

to stew fruit (vegetables, meat) dock, trout, salmon)

crust of bread to taste good (bad, deli-

to sit at table (having a meal) cious, etc.)

(cf.: to sit at the table writing to be done to a turn (over

a letter, etc.) done, underdone)

to have (take) smth. for dinner crisp toast

(for the first, second course, to help oneself to smth.

or dessert) to pass smth. to smb,

to butter one's bread (roll, etc.) to dine in (out)

to have a snack (a bite of food) it's to my liking

to have another helping of smth. there's nothing like ice

to roast meat (mutton, pork, cream (steak, etc.)

beef), fowl (chicken, duck, there's nothing else coming

goose, turkey), potatoes for a change

Study themeanings and use of these items of your Essential Vocabulary:

1. Food and Meal. Food is a general term for anything that people eat: bread, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, milk, tinned goods, sweets, etc.

е.g. Man cannot live without food. The doctor said that the patient needed good nourishing food. Where do you buy your food?

Meal is a generalizing collective term for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper (cf. the Russian arch, трапеза).

е.g. How many meals a day do you have? Supper is an evening meal. I don't want any hot meal; I think I'll do with a snack.

2. Course is a dish served at a meal; a part of a meal served at one time.

е.g. Dinner may consist of two or more courses. What shall we take for our second course? Soup was followed by a fish course.

3. To fry, to roast, to stew. To fry means "to cook (or be cooked) in boiling fat". We usually fry fish, potatoes, eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc.

To roastmeans "to cook (or be cooked) in an oven or over an open fire." In this way we may cook meat (veal, pork), fowl (chicken, turkey), etc.

To stewmeans "to cook by slow boiling in a closed pan with little water." In this way meat may be cooked, also vegetables, fruit, etc.

4. Starter(pl -s) is a dish served before or at the beginning of a meal (it may be salad, fish, olives, soup, fruit juice, etc.) Hors d'oeuvre (pl -s) is usually used on menucards.

5. Omeletteis eggs beaten together with milk and fried or baked in a pan. The English for яичница is "fried eggs". We eat fried eggs, soft-boiled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, four-minute boiled eggs.

6. Porridgeis a dish of oatmeal or other meal (buckwheat, semolina, millet, etc.) boiled in some water. Milk and sugar or milk and salt are added to it.

7. Toastis sliced bread made brown and crisp on the outside by heating in a toaster. Toast is placed on a toastrack.

8. Chipsare fried pieces of potato, often eaten with fried fish.

9. Soft and strong drinksпрохладительные и крепкие напитки.

Soft drinksare lemonade, fruit drinks, fruit juice, etc. Strong drinksare wine, liqueurs, brandy, vodka, etc.

10. Jellyis usually made by boiling fruit (cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, currants, apricots, etc.) and sugar. Something is added to make the mixture stiff.

11. Marmaladeis a kind of jam made from orange or lemon cut up and boiled with sugar.

12. Puddingis a very popular English dish. It is a thick mixture of flour, suet, meat, fruit, etc., cooked by boiling, steaming or baking. There are many kinds of pudding. Some of them are quite substantial and serve as the main course of lunch or dinner. Others are rather like sweet cake and eaten for dessert.

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