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Look for similar situations in the books you are reading at the moment

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11. This exercise is meant to practise the intonation patterns you al­ready know.

a) Listen to the dialogue "Guessing Game", sentence by sentence. Write it down. Define the intonation pattern of each sentence and the attitude expressed by it

b) Record your reading. Play the recording back for your teacher aad fellow-students to detect the possible errors:

A.: And the next object is vegetable.

В.: Does one eat it?

A: Yes.

В.: Do you eat it?

A: Yes.

В.: Do you eat it at breakfast?

A: No.

В.: Do you eat it at dinner time?

A: No.

В.: Well then at tea time.

A: Yes.

В.: Is it a raw vegetable?

A: Yes.

В.: Is it nice?

A: Very nice.

В.: Did we have some for tea today?

A: Yes.

Practise the dialogue for test reading. Memorize and dramatize it.

12. This exercise is meant to develop your ability to bear and repro­duce intonation in different speech situations.

a) listen to the dialogue "Sightseeing" carefully, sentence by sentence. Write it down. Mark the stresses and tunes. The teacher will help you to correct your variant Practise reading each sentence of your corrected vari­ant after the cassette-recorder.

b) Record your reading of the text Play the recording back immediate­ly for the teacher and your fellow-students to detect your errors. Practise the dialogue for test reading. Memorize and play it

c) Make up conversational situations with the following phrases:

Is it possible ...? That's not a bad idea.

What do you think ...? I suppose it is.

Rather. What about...?

Well, you might... . Let me see ... .

Is it much of a walk? Do you think I shall have time for...?

D) Make up a talk about your recent trip. Use the phrases from the dialogue above. Work in pairs.

E) Imagine you are telling the class about your recent trip to London.

13. This exercise is meant to revise Intonation Pattern IX. Read the following dialogue. Use the High Fall to express personal concern, involve­ment:

— What are you going to do this week?

— Well, we don't really know.

— Why not visit Kew Gardens?

— Well, we've been there.

— You've seen much, haven't you?

— Yes, we've seen all the usual things. The Tower of Lon­don, and the Zoo, and the Houses of Parliament.

— Have you visited Westminster Abbey?

— Yes, we went there a fortnight ago. But I haven't seen St. Paul's Cathedral since I was here in 1991.

— I have! I've been there two or three times.

— But I really ought to think about the business side of my visit.

— Yes. You must visit a motor-car factory. After all, that is your main interest.

— That's true. I haven't been to one yet. I expect things have changed since 1991.

— I'm sure they have. Yes, there have been some very big developments since you were here last.

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