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CONVERSATIONAL PRACTICE. 37. Speak about English and American systems of education using the Active Vocabulary and the expressions below:

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37. Speak about English and American systems of education using the Active Vocabulary and the expressions below:


§ I think we should … § It would be better to …
§ I (don’t) agree § I like …/ I quite like …
§ I (don’t) think it’s a good idea to … § It is important to …
§ A good way to … is to … /The best way to … is to … § I don’t mind …


38. Read and act out the conversation:


Talking about Classes


Ann: What is the matter, Bob? You look worried and upset.

Bob: I am worried. I have an exam next period in my mathematics class, and I am afraid it is going to be hard.

Ann: Who is your professor?

Bob: Mr. Smith.

Ann: That is too bad. I had him last year and he failed one third of the class. I’d be worried too, if I were you.

Bob: Thanks for the good news. Say, did he have you write any papers?

Ann: And how! I had to write a term paper and two reports.

Bob: Well, we have to write two papers and three book reports.

Ann: In that case, I am glad I took the class last year.

Bob: Oh, oh! There goes the bell, and I am late.


39. Answer the following questions:


1. What is the matter with Bob?

2. Did Ann write any term papers?

3. Did her professor make her work hard?

4. Do you think Ann and Bob are going to be mathematicians? Why?


Let’s talk about you:


1. Are you thinking about your English test or have you already taken it?

2. Are you working on your paper or have you already written it?

3. Does your professor make you work hard?

4. Would you like to be an engineer (teacher, economist, etc.)?


Read the article below about distance education; decide what the missing word might be in each case. None of the missing words are more than four letters long. Most of them are articles (a, an, the) or prepositions (in, at, on, etc.).


Distance Education: University Level


Not so long ago, getting ___ college degree meant enrolling in a three or four year programme and heading off ___ campus every day. Now, with the proliferation ___ correspondence and on-line courses, getting a degree might appear to be easier than ever.

Distance learning or education is completing a curriculum of studies without being present ___ a class room. The quality of education ___often equal ___ or better than that ___ a class room since most individuals who choose distance learning to obtain their education are more self motivated and every bit as conscientious about their education as their counterpart ___ the class room.

Due to today’s technology, made ___ part ___ the internet, more people than ever before are choosing distance learning over traditional class room settings as ___ vehicle of choice to obtain their education. Convenience, cost of travel and other costs associated with a more traditional setting and busy schedules are just some of ___ reasons more students are studying for ___ degree through distance education institutions. After all, consider the commuting time to and ___ a campus and the delays between classes. Wouldn’t your time be better spent ___ studies or leisure time.

Distance degree programmes are delivered using videotape, DVD’s or VCD’s, others are delivered entirely online, and some use ___combination of media. Some degree programmes require you to attend ___few classes a year ___ the university ___ question. Despite the obvious advantages ___ studying for a degree online, it is important to choose ___ University to study at ___ great care.


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