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Libya - Lost cities of the Greek and Roman Empires

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• Starting from Tripoli, ancient city and capital of Libya. Nearby is Leptis, probably the best preserved Roman city in the Mediterranean world.

• Fly east to the less often visited region of Cyrenaica, a land of beautiful green hills running down to the crystal turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

• Discover the ancient port of Apollonia, an enchanting city now partly sunk beneath the sea which forms a dazzling backdrop to its theatre and the columns of its Byzantine churches.

• Visit the city of Gyrene, founded in the 7th century BC and for centuries the most important Greek city in North Africa – its stunning temple of Zeus is larger than the Parthenon in Athens.

• Extra tour to the Sahara Desert.

Ecology of Ecuador – The enchanted islands of the Galapagos

• A special tour accompanied by guest lecturer, Dr Michael Brooke, Curator of Birds, Cambridge University Museum of Zoology.

• Travel in a specially modified cruiser, adapted for the Galapagos. All cabins are air-conditioned outside cabins with private toilet / shower room.

• The tour begins with a visit to colonial Quito, plus a tour of the Avenue of Volcanoes, among stunning scenery.

• The South American archipelago of the Galapagos Islands is home to an amazing variety of wildlife – giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and many more.

• Optional tour of the Ecuadorian Amazon – a journey to another world.

St Petersburg – City of music

• Tour 10 one of the world's most magical cities, including a number of concerts in grand settings (e.g. Sheremetev Palace, where students of the St Petersburg Music Conservatory will perform works by Tchaikovsky exclusively for our group).

• Programme covers all the principle sights of Peter the Great's magnificent city, from the Hermitage, with its priceless Scythian gold collection, to the Catherine Palace at Pushkin, with its recently-restored Amber Room.

• We will also have the services of Humphrey Burton, one of Britain's most distinguished television directors and commentators to help bring out the musical magic.

• We stay throughout at the Dostoyevsky Hotel in the heart of St Petersburg.


Match the English words and word combinations with the Ukrainian equivalents.

1. ancient 2. turquoise 3. enchanting 4. tortoise 5. оptional 6. sight 7. priceless 8. restored 9. in the heart 10. amber   1. бірюзовий 2. черепаха 3. безцінний 4. у самому центрі 5. чаруючий 6. відреставрований 7. стародавній 8. бурштин 9. факультативний 10. визначне місце  



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