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D. Rewrite these sentences in the passive voice.

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1. He made me repeat the instructions. I __________________________ .

2. He saw the lorry begin to roll forward. The lorry _________________ .

3. The Chief Executive Officer reluctantly let me go on a leave.________ .

4. We must send him a Dangerous Goods Note. He _________________ .

5. I advised him to ask for a Certificate of Insurance. He _____________ .

6. The bank robbers made the cashier show them how to open the safe. The cashier _______________________________________________ .

7. She saw the visitor fill in the application form. The visitor _________ .

8. The police made him sign a paper admitting his offence against the regulations. He ___________________________________________ .

9. The Managing Director let the old craftsman make a mahogany desk for the Minister’s personal use. The old craftsman ___________________ .

e. Complete the sentences using an object +to-infinitive after the verbs.


Model 1:Take out an all-risks policy. My partner advised me to take out an all-risks policy .


1. She didn’t advise our principles that the proceeds of our transfer had been credited to the beneficiary’s account only on the 1st of July. You didn’t tell _________________________________ .

2. We work hard. Our instructor taught _________________________ .

3. The bank executed the payment. The beneficiary ordered _________ .

4. You should not delay this payment. The manager has warned _____

5. Garcia wants to send a tentative order for gears. His experts advised ______ .

6. Citizens can’t take more than a specified amount of money with them when they travel abroad. The government forbids ___________ .

7. Doreen’s score is high and she will go to Green Coats, one of the principle schools in London. Her high score entitles _____________ .

8. The driver of the lorry neglected the regulations. The adjusters acknowledged _________________________

Model 2:People know that he is an expert in risk analysis.People know him to be an expert in risk analysis.


1. The insurance agents discovered (that) the claim was false. _______ .

2. Mr. Roberts imagines that the damage is caused by negligence on the part of the driver. ____________________________ .

3. William Buckhurst believes that all goods are covered by a blanket insurance policy. _____________________ .

4. H.G. found that the news concerning the hi-jacked lorry was too discouraging. _________________ .

5. Everybody knows that Harper & Grant Ltd. is insured with a syndicate of Lloyds underwriters. _________________________ .

6. He discovered that the invoice had been sent. __________________ .

7. She pretended that she knew next to nothing about a comprehensive policy. ___________________________ .

8. They hope that their firm will succeed. ________________________ .

Model 3:He claims that he is an expert in work study surveys.He claims himself to be an expert in work study surveys.


9. I expect that I will hear from my suppliers soon. ________________ .

10. He claimed that he had reduced the fees. ______________________ .

11. I arranged that I should do the accounts. _______________________ .

12. The inspection threatened that it would impose a penalty. _________ .

13. We consider that we are experienced enough to meet the special requirements. ___________________________________________ .


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