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Task 2.

Translate the sentences into Russian paying attention to the function of the infinitive.


The infinitive as a subject

1. To hi-jack a lorry with a valuable load of cigarettes was the gang’s objective.

2. It was impossible to repair the lorry because it was a complete write-off, a total wreck.

3. To raise the large amount of money was his main objective.

4. It was impossible to salvage the lot of office furniture because a great number of items were badly damaged and had to be written off.

The infinitive as part of a predicate.

1. Peter’s first proceeding was to go to the Moorland Valley, have a look and give an opinion of the damage.

2. Ambrose Harper, the Chairman of “ Harper and Grant Ltd.”, continues to attend the board meetings and keep an eye on the business.

3. Although the USA is a major producer of sugar it continues to import this product because the nation consumes more than it can produce.

4. A single currency may raise competition between financial institutions.

The infinitive as an attribute.

1. W. Buckhurst was a person to receive a telephone call from the police in Carlisle.

2. The suppliers informed the customers that they had not had time to forwardthe shipping documents yet.

3. The adjusters were the last (first) to come.

4. Producing some commodities more efficiently than other producers and selling them at a lower cost than other sellers is a way to derive a comparative advantage.

The infinitive as an object

1. Elizabeth had learnt to feel at once whether the customer was a valuable one.

2. Drivers were not allowed to give lifts in the vehicle to any person not being an employee of the company since it was a serious offence against company regulations.

3. His boss had ordered the agent to return the cheque immediately.

The infinitive as part of a complex object.

1. I never saw you act this way before.

2. Peter Wiles instructed Christopher Thorn to go up to the Moorland Valley and inspect the damaged lot of office furniture.

3. The Managing Director ordered the secretary to refer to the previous payment instructions dated 25th of January.

4. The underwriters want the firm of adjusters to assess the damage.

5. The beneficiary made the bank issue him a draft for $ 5000.

The infinitive as an adverbial modifier:

a) of purpose.

1. To be reimbursed, the prudent exporter purchased insurance for his cargoe’s voyage.

2. Roberts went to the Moorland Valley in order to investigate the damage to the load.

3. To put in a claim to the insurance company, the injured party should take out a policy first.

4. To have a favourable balance of trade, nations should export more than they import.

b) of result.

1. Mr. Roberts was experienced enough to investigate the damage to the load which the lorry was carrying.

2. Peter Wiles was too busy to go up to the Moorland Valley.

3. The exporter was prudent enough to take out an all-risks policy with a syndicate of Lloyds, a leading exporter of this service.

The infinitive as parenthesis*.

1. To begin with, the prudent exporter should purchase insurance for his cargoe’s voyage.

2. To tell the truth, Harper & Grant insurance brokers had arranged a blanket insurance with a syndicate of Lloyds underwriters.

3. To cut a long story short, he summons his nephew Peter, the Production Manager, to talk things over.

Note. Mind the following structures:

1. Why not ask for another quotation?

2. We cannot but meet the delivery terms.

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